Pancakes & Waffles

Breakfast Pancakes & Waffles!

Let kids Make Pancakes For Breakfast!

Easy Pancake And Waffle Serving Ideas For Kids


The only true meal you can eat in your pajamas!

Is there a difference between pancakes & Waffles – YES!
They are alike in ingredients, but they differ in texture, look, and taste.
Pancakes style= – Soft, spongy inside – almost like cake.  Because of the lower sugar and fat content in pancakes, they are less fattening than waffles.
Waffles style= – Crispier on the outside, lighter on the inside, crunchier to the taste!

Take the Boring out of Your Breakfast by making fun shapes to eat – Like the ones in the picture –

Breakfast Imagination is a WONDERFUL THING!  

Which is Better – Pancakes OR Waffles? – BOTH ARE DELICIOUS!