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Popcorn Tips – How To Make The Best Popcorn

Our Personal Favorite Is Popcorn Breakfast Gift Baskets

5 Steps For How to Get Perfect Popcorn

1  Check the expiry date on your popcorn – Fresh popcorn style= is always best!

2  Clean any appliances, utensils and dishes you plan on using to pop your popcorn style= – Each time.

3  Once you hear the corn kernels popping, listen for that sound to fade away – But don’t wait until the sound fades completely or you’ll risk burning your popcorn style=.  You can always cook it longer, but once it’s burnt you risk losing your family status as, “favorite.”

4  Before you put your popcorn style= in a serving bowl, make sure you give the container (bag, bowl) a good hard shake to mix up any seasoning or flavoring you added – Covering a bowl with a cloth, towel or plastic wrap makes for an easy ‘shake.’

5  Good, dry and cool storage in a place away from the sun is ideal for popcorn style=.  Stay away from stuffing popcorn kernels  in the fridge for storage and you’ll keep it drier longer by avoiding refrigerator moisture that can absorb into your popcorn style= kernels. (Tips compliments of Orville Reddenbacher)

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