Cheap Gift Basket Ideas

Buying Affordable Gift Baskets That Look Expensive

Gift Basket Ideas – Budget-Minded Baskets People Actually Love

When it comes to gift giving time don’t blow your bank account. Too often we attach ourselves to the thinking that if we spend more, do more, it looks like we care . . . . MORE. But the truth is, that’s just not true.

The most expensive gift can look cheap if it’s not done well.

Don’t be cheap with your gift basket ideas – Be thoughtful, be memorable, be sweet, be kind, be alluring, but don’t be cheap.

Know your recipient, OK – Not whether they are male or female, but what they like – their interests, hobbies, what they do for fun, for work, for activities, and then plan accordingly.

Budget-minded baskets are some of the best around! Prepare well. Write a love letter to your gift recipient – Be Romantic – Too sexy is cheap, Too romantic is rarely cheap.

“Talk is cheap, Words are plentiful, Deeds are precious”

Shop for something you can personalize or engrave – Sentimental and Memorable, but never cheap.

Design a theme – Around a special moment, a shared laugh, a “For Your Eyes Only,” kind of Gift Basket Idea.

Do you have a special talent for making things or organizing.  Is there something you do truly well that you can make? – For instance a jar of ingredients and a recipe to go with it for those who are baking challenged, An engraved glass for a special bottle of wine to commemorate an event or an accomplishment, a massage, a backrub, a special cloth to rub sore backs and legs and sooth aching muscles for people who do physical work.

HINT:   Even a mechanic likes to get their oil changed by someone else once in awhile – Learn how to do something if you don’t know how, and do that ‘thing,’ for that person. Being thoughtful is never cheap.

If you can’t afford a card – Design a name tag on your computer and use special stationery to print it on – Include a poem or quote or saying -something you share privately with that person that is special to both of you.  Click here to See an Example

Whatever you decide to give, give it with sincerity – Overspending makes you look foolish and insincerity makes you look cheap. Don’t be cheap – There is nothing cute, funny or lovable about being cheap.