Affordable DIY Gift Basket Ideas

DIY Budget-Friendly Gift Basket Ideas Family & Friends Love!

Be Cost Conscious in Tough Times With An

Affordable Gifting Season That Won’t Break your Budget!

First The Gift Basket:

Don’t forget to consider the cost of a gift basket when you are budgeting for your gift.
Adding in this cost after you bought everything else to fill your gift basket with may push the cost of giving right out of your ball park.
See if you have a basket or bag that looks new sitting at home that you can re-use instead of running out to buy something.
These stores usually have the best deals on a great gift basket or gift basket ideas:

Big Box Stores –Stores like Fred Meyer, London Drug, Target, or Walmart.
Craft Stores – Look for a store coupon to use in these kinds of stores – If you only want a basket you can probably find a coupon for a percentage off one item – That makes one gift basket an ideal purchase!
Discount Stores –Stores like Ross, Winners, T-J Max, to name a few. These stores sometimes have better prices on new gift baskets. Don’t forget to look in their clearance shelves too for great deals!
Dollar Stores – Who says you must use a basket – Nobody! Dollar stores are great for gift basket “storables,” look for buckets or bowls, or decorated bags to use, and you can probably even find a matching card to go with it for a total cost of about $2.00.
Re-Gift a Basket – Look around your house for a basket that you aren’t using and fill it up – Making sure you remember where you got it from in the first place – Just in case the person you are gifting wasn’t the one who gave you that particular gift basket first!
Thrift Stores – Shop at places like Goodwill, Value Village, and Thrift Stores for used gift baskets in great condition.

New Baby Gift Basket Ideas:

Baby Gift Basket Ideas
CHECK OUT THE NURSERY STORE – Gift Ideas for new parents, babies and kids HERE at The Nursery Store

You can help prepare new parents with a DIY baby gift basket idea. Babies come into the world with (literally) . . . nothing, which is great when you are trying to come up with ideas for a brand new baby gift basket, because they can use just about anything – and everything – you can think of.

This is only one of the many homemade baby gift basket ideas:

Basket – Armed with limitless choices – you can go traditional blue and/or pink , or choose neutral yellow and green. Or, if the new parents have a preference then respect their wishes on that and pick accordingly. One thing to think about is whether or not the new baby’s room has a theme, and if it does, then pick something to match or compliment the room theme. For instance, a baby bath tub that can be stored away without being noticed – because it blends with the decor of the room. You could also pick a clothes hamper, diaper bag, toy bag, or clothes basket as a baby gift basket and rest assured that you can find unlimited and needed baby supplies to put in your gift basket.
Big Basket Itemsreceiving blankets, baby blankets, sheet sets, crib mobile, baby monitor, stroller, baby carrier, sling, photo albums, keepsake baby books, and diapers, all serve as big baby & childcare gifts In a large basket, you might also add a keepsake, engraved memento for the new parents, new big brother, or new big sister
Small Basket Items – Smaller baby gift basket items may include Baby diaper rash cream, baby wash, baby towel and washcloth , burping cloths, onesies, t-shirts, slippers and socks, bubble bath (for mom), bottles, formula, breast pads, bottle cleaners, bibs, extra bottle nipples, pacifiers, and baby toys
Themes –If your baby basket choices evolve around a cute baby animal theme – then consider adding that same (elephant, duck, lion, bear, . . . etc) to your baby gift basket – the cute, stuffed baby animals – version.

College Bound or Moving (First Home) Gift Basket Ideas

Those young adults heading off to college need a ton of things to help them with their first new home away from home. Moving away from home for the first time whether it is off to college or to a first apartment after graduating from school means they will need the basics to get started. These DIY gift basket ideas for a college student can really help a young person get off to a great start.

Basket – Any size gift basket you want is a great choice for a college student gift basket idea. For large baskets think about space saving ideas – like a laundry basket or hamper – that doubles as a drying rack, or a toaster that also serves as an egg cooker too – By picking a big gift basket to fill, you can use the same theme throughout – for instance a laundry basket filled with garbage bags laundry soapMake sure you know if they have any allergies, bleach, stain fighter, tub cleaner. dish soap – If it’s clean you want – go with cleaning supplies – cleaning supplies – to fill your larger gift basket idea. If it’s a toaster that also cooks eggs then go for a dish drying rack, paper towels – if it’s bathroom – pick a room and go for it – bath towel sets, toilet paper, toilet brush, and cleaner, plunger, shower curtain and hangers – to use to hang a new shower curtain with . . . Smaller baskets are great for under the counter storing devices and shower caddies – make great college student gift basket ideas

Big Items – Big gift baskets for college student require big things to put in them. Blankets – are always popular – Especially if they have the college logo on them Comforters – and soft lap blankets and throws – are especially popular with college students. Get a garbage can and fill it up with cleaning supplies and towels – – those are things everyone needs and they will last until they need to use them. the small

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– are especially great gifts – they are easy to store, easy to clean and the attachments are small so they don’t take up much room in a small space.

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Smaller Items – Use small things to fill up gaps. For instance bar soap, special and decorative soap, shampoo and conditioner sets, body wash, nail clipper tools, Small Household Scissor Set – for the bathroom or kitchen, a first aid or emergency car kit – – and because college students are always on the “go,” throw in some healthy nutrition bars – to can snack on.

Family Game Nights:

Design a gift basket idea full of family fun games and activities. Include those things age-appropriate for everyone in the family – Leave no one out! Homemade gift basket ideas for family fun game nights.

Basket Idea –Use a fabric or plastic storage bin that the games will fit completely inside and can be put away, displayed in the open handsomely, or put in a game cabinet for repeated use.
Large Games – Select one or two larger games, just remember to keep in mind ages of any children.

For Instance:


Gift Baskets for The Women In your Life:

Cherished and appreciated are what women want to feel when they open a gift – from you.

Know your gift receiver to decide if you should choose a theme. For instance does your hard worker need a day or rest and relaxation spa theme – are perfect for this. How about the woman who just loves a good glass of wine – – Pick a wine theme – for her gift basket idea. Is your woman a baking maniac – choose a baking theme, Does she just love her morning coffee, going outdoors to do some gardening – or does she just love to curl up with a good book – You can see how easily your theme will fit your gift receiver. A common DIY gift basket idea for women is a Spa Basket – Gift Baskets For Women DIY Gift Basket Ideas can include:

BasketBathroom storage baskets – make great baskets for a spa themed gift basket idea for a woman. As well, there are several nice choices in the way of travel toiletry bags – that double-duty as a luggage supply and gift basket – all in one
Bath – Choose a bath and body cleanser, scrub, lotion or accessories, organic soap – and Homemade soaps smell so nice in a gift basket.
Candle –Set a mood of calm and serenity with a candle – Pick something that has a nice scent, but not too overwhelming or strong. Ask her for her favorite scent ideas – Just to be sure.
Manicure – Put a fingernail file in your gift basket and choose some nail polish colors and brands she likes – Ask her girlfriends or snoop through her ‘stash,’ of nail polish. For bonus pints add her favorite hand cream and/or lotions. manicure nail tools include clippers and trimmers. files and buffers, nail polish, nail art equipment, and nail sets and kits
Pedicure – The two “Must Have Items,” for a pedicure are a foot scrub and foot brush. For an added comfort you may want to also grab a pair of nice toe separators – toe separators – and a pair of flip fops or spa slippers – she can use more than once. Either get another nail polish – for her toes or go ahead and use your first two nail color choices you purchased for her manicure.

If you have never done it before then this idea  might Will be fun for both of you:

Give her a pedicure or manicure yourself, or simply be the, ‘bath butler,’ and run a bath for her, warm her robe and towel, and light her candle, hand her a glass of wine and a book and step away (outside the bathroom door) until she is  – COMPLETELY – finished.

Gift Baskets for The Men In your Life

Cherished and appreciated are what men want to feel when they open a gift from you. We are much alike in this.

If you are getting your man a DIY gift basket then the most common are sports, outdoors, games, coffee, BBQ, spa, and tools. Of these, the BBQ Basket is the most common. I’ve heard it said that buying a man a tie as a gift is like buying a woman a fry pan for the kitchen for Christmas . . . don’t shoot the messenger, but you are strongly encouraged to be creative and think of their interests in creating a special gift basket for your man.

Basket – Look for something you can get double-duty out of, like a cooler – that can double as a garden tool holder – after they are done opening it.
o BBQ Gift Items – These often come as a standard barbecue set – , but you can add the things they may want and need later, like forks and claws, skewers, tongs, tool sets, turners – and brushes.
BBQ Sauces – Make sure you include his favorite BBQ sauce.
Special Drinks – And don’t forget to add his most loved brew, beverage – to the mix too, and you’ll have an instant outdoor gift basket idea home run!

Put your own DIY Gift basket Idea together for your special someone!

Whether it’s is a young adult going off to college, a first, or new home for someone, a baby, or just as a cheerful reminder to someone that they are loved by you.

One last Gift basket Idea

– Try something smaller if you are still struggling with a budget. Use only one gift and make the basket more special with tissue, special embellishments or a well thought-out, sentimental, handwritten letter. This will not cheapen your gift basket idea, but instead adds a more classy and gracious element to your gift.

Think of one theme only that incorporates the interests of your techie, designer, entertainer, chef, leisure-seeker, new home owner, clean freak, organizer, eclectic fashionista, or hobbyist.
And if you get really good at putting together your own gift basket ideas then you may want to consider starting your own gift basket company, so take a few pictures when you’re finished. YES You Can!