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Last Minute Costume-Avoid The Urge To Wait

Not only did she wait until the last minute for her costume, but it looks like she has her passport ready to catch a plane - Keep in mind you may be out in public!

Not only did she wait until the last minute for her costume, but it looks like she has her passport ready to catch a plane.  Keep in mind you may be out in public!

We are hosting a 1950’s soc-hop style celebration for our combined birthdays. It’s awkward to be asked by friends and family, . . . “What should I wear?” Pretty simple really, for anybody that has a pair of Keds, a pair of Levi jeans and a white T-shirt that they can roll up a small box in the sleeve, and grease up the hair and slick it back. Or, for girls, a longer skirt with a fluffy slip underneath and a sweater or solid colored blouse and ponytail. So, I am left amazed that they are even asking the question.

Although we are notifying people now, we realize that there will be people who will wait until the very last minute to come up with a costume.

LAST MINUTE COSTUME-GILLES MARINI 1giftbasketidea-org-cheapgiftitems-costumes2

Gilles Marini has been in so many roles that all you’d want to do is take a look at some of his pictures to get a few really great ideas – But you may want to keep in mind that unless you actually look like Gilles then going naked is not a very good idea – under ANY circumstances!

There is an option, here, though. You could go as yourself (fully dressed) and call yourself a nudist protester. And since we are talking about clothes, don’t forget that you will have to use the restroom at some point.

Make sure you are in a costume (or create a costume) with an easy access “back door! Gilles Marini-Latin Lover, Gangster, or Hit Man?! You Decide! 1giftbasketidea-org-cheapgiftitems-costumes3

Gilles Marini as a pirate. “The average man will bristle if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate.”

Last Minute Costume When we were kids I remember wearing costumes to school and pretending to have whatever superpower that belonged to the character we were dressed as. My brother got a bloody nose once as a result of a playground ‘misunderstanding,’ about his, “X-Ray Vision. ” Or, maybe it wasn’t a misunderstanding, but since he was only in second grade, I have to give him that one.

I wore my cowgirl outfit to school in fourth grade – guns and holster and all – and the teacher phoned my parents to tell them that I looked ‘adorable’ (nowadays I would be banned from school in no uncertain terms). I had to threaten the class clown with brutality to get him to leave me alone after that day.

When we were young there was no shortage of last minute costumes. There was always a ghost, a clown, a garbage sack somewhere that you could redesign as a last minute costume!

The same is true for everyone today, with some imagination. But today the variety and accessibility (and delivery) of last minute costumes seems easier than ‘yester-year’ choices.

Maybe you remember your college days when you slapped a piece of bread on your chest and back and called yourself a sandwich, or drew yourself on a piece of material or old sheet and cut it out to be a clown (been there, done that – don’t use ribbon to tie up the back, because you can’t get out of your costume in time if you have to wait in line for the washroom).

All that anxiety and discomfort just because you were in a hurry and it was last minute planning for a costume that was obviously a last minute costume.


Monica Belluci Super hero!


Vampire, Vampiress, Temptress, Seductress, Villain, Hero, Sex Symbol, Geisha, Flirty, or just yourself. Monica Belluci has been cast in enough roles to cover most last minute costume ideas, so gander on over to a list of her movie titles and take your pick! The idea here is that when you arrive dressed up, everyone knows who you are. I once witnessed a Dolly Parton attempt at the last minute and everyone thought she was a hooker – Hence my suggestions to do a little planning for the role you hoped to get. Or you might be looked over for a less desirable and less magnificent part than you had in mind.



Having A theme Party? Jennifer Aniston as Princess Leia.

LAST MINUTE COSTUME-JENNIFER ANISTON giftbasketidea-org-jenniferanistonPrincess Leia isn’t the only character in Star Wars, there are a huge assortment of others to pick from. If you want a last minute costume for couples, try to get your guy to dress up like Hans Solo, or any of the other star wars characters that he would like!


Hair Ideas for a fast last minute costume idea – 

LAST MINUTE COSTUME-KATE GOSSELIN lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-skategosselin

For those of you who are especially pressed for time – Kate Gosselin wigs come in a couple of styles and shapes. Just add a plain, bright blouse and bland jacket and you are ready to walk out the door!

If you really want to get fancy and have long hair – use your own hair, create the wig style and make a braid to go over and across the top of your head – Now add a gown.

Or you could go as yourself and claim to be a serial killer because they are said to all look like an ordinary person.

Last Minute Costume Make-Up Warnings Precaution: If you are planning on using face paint or makeup to add to your last minute costume, be aware that the FDA warns consumers to stop using face paint by Fun Express, Inc., from the Oriental Trading Company. Be sure to check your makeup for any of these face paints and throw them out. The reason you want to throw these products away is that there is, “significant microbial contamination” that can cause adverse skin reactions.

These are the face paints listed on the FDA danger list: 1. 85/2077 Blue Face Paint 8 8760048110 7 2. 85/2078 Purple Face Paint 8 8760048112 1 3. 85/2079 Red Face Paint 8 8760048114 5 4. 85/2080 Orange Face Paint 8 8760048116 9 5. 85/2081 Black Face Paint 8 8760048118 3 6. 85/2082 Green Face Paint 8 8760048120 6

If you have concerns about (ANY) makeup you may already have, please call the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting (1-800-FDA-1088) number, or write or visit: MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787, fax 1-800-FDA-0178.

Michelle Wie always looks good in the Nike golfer last minute costume


MICHELLE WIE giftbasketidea-org-lastminutecostumeMichelle always has a great sporty, athletic look about her.

Her trendy, classy, classic look on the greens would be great for any last minute costume for women. Men can tag along too for two on the green.

Or if you are in school, and going with a group, this is also good for those last minute costume ideas for college parties.

One thing about Michelle Wie that always catches my eye is how she pairs up nearly every single one of her outfits with headgear (sun protection), so don’t forget the details!





Justin Bieber – Skateboarder, singing artist, cool kid are all easy last minute costumes


JUSTIN BIEBER lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-justinbieberIn this day and age of superstar emulation by kids, you might be interested in a last minute costume that takes into consideration their athletic preferences. Snowboarder, ski bum – all great for colder weather! Surfer dude, diving instructor, turtle, for warmer weather ideas!

Movie stars are fun for older children

Tweens and teens enjoy dressing up as their favorite singing or movie star.





Last Minute Costume Theme Choices

If you have ever been in that position then you can appreciate the fact that today you have more choices than you ever imagined.

Haven’t we all been there – no time, need it soon, life got in the way excuses that prevent you from being efficient with getting your costume in order?

And, isn’t it true that costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore?!

In this economy, people are being forced to be more creative with their parties and theme parties are gaining strides in popularity like they haven’t since the 1945-1960 era.

There are religious events, holidays Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Easter, mascots, and theme parties, Harry Potter, 1920s, Michael Jackson, Super Heroes, White Collar Professionals, Pets, Pirates, Nationalities, Comedians, Celebrities, Fairies, Princess, Prom Night, Adult, Monster, Renaissance, Twilight, Mermaid, Hawaiian, Political, Soc-Hop, American Idol, Gangster, Horror, Alice Cullen, . . . Honestly, the list is endless.

Salma Hayek – Who cares what she dresses up as!


SALMA HAYEK lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-salmahayek

Chorus Girl, Saloon Keeper, Maid. It’s Salma Hayek – It is going to be Sexy! Notice the details she uses for this look – Details are important – that’s why it is important to plan ahead when you can!

In a hurry – grab a pair of bloomer bottomed pajamas from the store and tape some lace around the bottom of the legs – add a corset. Ta Da!

Fellas – Black shirt, jeans, red bandana, hat, fuzzy moustache!

Oh, and get one of those cheesy lace things for your arm (and your leg) – very cute!

Now you can be the cigar girl, hat check girl, card dealer . . .




Hey Cowboy OR Cowgirl – Sandra Bullock wearing a quick last minute costume!


SANDRA BULLOCK lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-sandrabullockSandra Bullock is one of my all time favorites when it comes to last minute costume ideas. She has played so many hysterical characters.

She makes the perfect prom queen! In this picture, though, she makes an easy cowboy costume seem fast and simply designed enough to put together easily in about 2 minutes. I’ve seen her as a waitress, maid, spy, savvy business professional, and lots more character costume ideas! Move and singing star photos are one of the quickest, simplest ways to get last minute costume Ideas available.

With the ease of ordering costumes even up to 3 days in advance, you don’t have to worry anymore about costume ideas!




lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-sandra and jesseSandra and Jesse – Don’t forget about Pet costumes!

I guess they ran out of jackass costumes at the Last Minute for Jesse and substituted gorilla instead!

Last Minute Costume Can Be Easy

Our no-time world has provided an atmosphere of “hurry up and get ‘er done.”

Many a great idea has started with my investment into yards of material and accessories that not only cost time, but preparation and expense.

My attempts to create something fantastic with my idea always resulted in a last ditch effort to make something fast. Aren’t delusions of grandeur so comforting?!

Our Roman party was the last time I made a costume. Needless to say, bundling up fabric and trying to tie it together as you walk out the door leaves so much to be desired! My husband couldn’t get out of his costume and I couldn’t get my costume tied together. We were SO Not Happy! What should have been fun ended up being the longest party – Ever.

Last Minute Costume Goes Bad

lastminutecostume-giftbasket-org-lastminutecostumegoesbad Last Minute Costume Party Other than that, take the worry out, plan your last minute costume and enjoy yourself. It’s a party. Have fun.

Have two or three last minute costumes on hand so that you can change from one to another, depending on the event and time of year.

Keep your last minute costumes clean so that if you need (or want) choices, you have choices!




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