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Tips For Buying An Electric Wheelchair

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions:

1 – Do you want a manual chair or a powered electric wheel chair?

2 – What are you going to be using your chair for? For instance, are you using it for an athletic purpose?

3 – Will you need to travel with your chair? – If so then chair weight or transportation devices might be an issue for you. For instance, getting a wheelchair lift might be a better idea for you with an electric wheel chair.

4 – What seat shape do you want for your chair?

5 – And Don’t forget to ask your friends, your doctor and or your therapist for some recommendations.

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Drivers of electric-powered wheelchairs are most active during the afternoon and evening hours.  One Study showed:

The maximum theoretic distance that the subjects in the study of wheel chair users would travel is less than 8 km per 5-day period.

For those electric wheel chair owners, all the bells and whistles that go with dimmer lights at that time of the day resulting in a need for reflective devices and special carrying devices – like baskets for simple grocery shopping errands are almost as important as the wheel chair itself.

Both distance traveled and speed increased during afternoon and evening hours for the studied subjects.


Electric Wheel Chairs Give You Freedom!

When maneuverability is a primary concern you are no longer stifled by the pre-modern choices of the standard hand powered wheelchair selections.

New electric wheel chair models are designed for efficiency, style and maneuverability. Plush and attractive Captain Chair seats are now offered in varieties of comfortable, padded leather or upholstery.

Taking walks with the grandchildren now means that you won’t trail behind as they walk, run or skip beside you, because electric wheel chairs are designed for various speed capacities, not just how fast you can push them. Not anymore! Electric Wheel Chair – Choices Choices – There are a wide variety of choices!

You can pick an electric wheel chair that is:

1 – Only outdoors

2 – Or choose an electric wheel chair design that works both indoors And outdoors.

Instead of being called an electric wheelchair, you can now get yourself an electric wheel chair, an electric power mobility powered wheelchair, an electric mobility powered wheel chair, an electric wheelchair power chair, an electric scooter, an scooter wheelchair, an wheelchair scooter, and an electric wheel chair scooter.

Basic Differences:

  • Indoor/outdoor, or just one, or just the other
  • Horsepower
  • Maneuverability
  • Affordability – Your Electric Wheel Chair Investment Your electric wheelchair will prove to be an investment for you so it’s best to consider all your options in regard to what you will be using it for and if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, then don’t get them.  What to keep in mind is that you’ll want to take a long look at what places you want to go and whether or not the chair you pick can get you there.

Look for:

  • Company pictures
  • Testimonials on a particular brand
  • Return policies
  • Delivery satisfaction
  • Mechanical soundness

TIP:  You’ll need to know that your particular electric wheelchair doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain (does it have long lasting batteries, what does regular maintenance involve, . . .)

An Electric Wheel Chair Happy Ending Once you decide, see if you can take it for a spin before you buy.

. . . Or better yet, take the dog for a walk!  And, if you have a business and can write it off-Do it!


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