Frugal Gift Ideas

Stay Within Your Budget, But Look Like you spent a Million Bucks!

Sharing our Two Favorites with you!

When holidays and Special Celebration Days like Mother’s Day are approaching, choose from these two considerate, classy and thoughtful gift basket ideas.

1 – Recipes:
For Simple Elegance, try giving your gift recipient a twist on their favorite recipe by making it ahead of time by either:

  1. Preparing an entire dish, or
  2. Putting the Ingredients, along with the recipe for the dish, in a mixing bowl style= and letting that be your gift basket.

Get kids involved.  Most kids like hamburgers, but sometimes hamburgers can taste dried out.  We found a recipe for the Juiciest Hamburgers, used it, and because of that experience we will never go back to eating regular hamburgers again.

For a quick, Thank you, Hostess or Appreciation Gift there are three of these ‘gift baskets’ wrapped up in our gift box for those Last Minute Gifts people just need once in awhile.

What are, “These Gift Baskets?”

The recipe which you can try yourself – Here are the Instructions – Written out on the handmade stationery using free online editing software. Here it is:


This recipe is wrapped with baking string style= (red/white) around a set of wooden spoons style= and a bottle of Worcestershire sauce.

Everyone who has gotten one from us loves it.

Use thick paper if you print at home so printing colors don’t run to back side of paper, and thicker paper holds up better in a kitchen. Or use printable recipe cards style= and hand write instead.

  • Total cost – Less than $10.00.
  • Total appreciation – Priceless.

2 – Accessorize A Hobby Or Favorite Beverage:

Not everybody can go out and get a new cappuccino maker style= or expensive bottle of wine style=, but most people have things in their home that need accessorizing.

For instance, for less than $15.00 you can get a personalized wine corkscrew style=.

Take a selfie of you and your family member, or friend, and get a personalized photo mug style=, or water bottle style= for them.

A jar of honey style= for kitchen tea style= and coffee is always a great idea

Fancy hand style= or bar soap style= or room spray style= for the bathroom

A small jar of scented oil style= for their diffuser style=

Novelty Car Air Fresheners style= ticked inside a car washing mitt style=