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Here Is A 12 Reasons For Loving you Letter Example

Happy Holidays, seems innocuous enough, but when you don’t have the resources to go out and splurge on that shiny watch, or diamond earrings the ads so convincingly tell you to buy, then the sentiment itself seems to lack a ‘certain’ lustre.  Here is just one idea to help, if your budget is a priority this year.

I wrote a love letter to my sweetheart just in time for Christmas. If ever there was a time to think about sentiment instead of a splashy display of dollars, then it is now!

Give the Gift of Time – Yours.  Make this Christmas full of special sentimentality and memories.  Those are the things you remember – Test this for yourself – What did you get for Christmas in the last 10 years that you remember getting – ? … Can’t remember  . . .  ’nuff said!

Needless to say, handwriting can be just plain – Icky.

TIP:  Never send your letter without editing and proofing  First!

Don’t know what to say?

Borrow a verse, a poem, a quote, or make up one of your own.  Follow a theme – For instance, my 12 reasons for loving you – These can mimic the 12 Days of Christmas, for instance.

Here is an Example of a Christmas Love Letter:

My 12 Reasons For Loving You

Dear sweetheart (use your own sentiment that means something to the two of you),

This year I find myself wanting to share my observations with you over this last year of loving you.  For it is the gift of memories that I am giving you this year, and I hope you understand just how special you are in my life.  Your gift to me is your presence in my life and your unconditional and loving way of exposing yourself to me when you think I’m not watching.

12. I watch you when you sleep and see the curve of your strong jaw and facial outline and think to myself how amazing it is that you are here beside me, soundly and deeply breathing away those minutes while your arm is laced delicately around me so that I feel safe.

11. That frown you show me when you struggle to understand my confusing emotions and indelicate way I have of expressing myself.  I see your struggle to give me the benefit of the doubt even when you do not understand me and I see the way you light up when suddenly you realize what it is I am saying or trying to tell you.

10. I have never known the consideration of a unlimited phone call to tell me that you are thinking of me and that you love me.  Thank you for that, because I am well versed in how business can take a priority.

9. No disagreement or observation gets second chance to fester a grudge, because by the time you have said your peace and given me a chance to speak, you are telling me something that has me laughing right alongside you, no matter what the conversation.

8. Your insistence on treating me like a lady no matter where we are or what we do makes my heart smile.  You hold my door, you help me order from difficult menus, you do all the heavy lifting in everything and I see how hard you work to do that and to provide for us.

7. You are never too tired for a kiss or a hug and you make your way to me as soon as you walk in the door – I treasure those few moments every day when time seems to suspend itself.

6. You worry that I worry and your hand on my forehead to reassure me during those times is both comforting and pleasing.

5. You take my hand without any prodding when we are walking down the street and you walk on the outside, sheltering and protecting me from harm or bad weather.  My heart feels gratitude to you for that.

4. The way your beautiful body molds itself to mine when we are intimate, your kisses on my neck, and your silly way of making us both laugh instead of being awkward or hesitant, only brings me closer to you every day.

3. Your talent as a chef and your glamorous display of mixing spices, sauces and ingredients to create a delicious and tasty meal we both enjoy while watching movies on a lazy day.  You are my mentor and hero in the kitchen and I applaud you for your gifted talents!

2. Your unending perseverance with patience and the shopping expeditions we enjoy together, or waiting for me to make that one bunny hill run just to get my ‘ski legs’ when we go skiing, or your extra effort to hold a canoe steady while I hook a fish, and your enthusiastic, “You’re doing GREAT!” when I hit a golf ball 20 feet instead of 100 feet.  Every time I wanted to give up you were there cheering me on.  In Everything.  Oh yes, I noticed what kind of tenacity you had in each of these times, and I can’t tell you what it has meant to me.

1. Nothing is more special to me about you.  No reason more important in loving you or telling you in this Christmas letter than this one thing.  On the day I met you, you stood in my doorway and I must have stared at you for what felt like a full (eternity) three minutes, the whole time taking in every inch of you, how you smelled, what you looked like, how it made my heart fill with love and told my soul that, “This is THE ONE for me.”  That feeling has never gone away and I want to say, Thank you for being that one person in my life.  This feeling will never come again for me and I am grateful to you for this gift.  It is what I wanted you to know and will share with you this year at Christmas.

These are my 12 reasons for loving you and this year I am giving you the gift of these loving memories.  They will last my lifetime.  Thank you my friend, my lover.

Merry Christmas! Yours,  (End with a sentiment worth remembering!).

Deliver  your Christmas Love Letter – Plan the setting – DO NOT . . . Drop it off, Or be in a hurry!

Find a small sentimental token or memento, bottle of wine, champagne, flowers,  to include with your Christmas love letter

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