Gift For Him – Gift For Her

Gifts For Him -Gifts For Her

A Cheap Gift Basket can cost a fortune, but if you keep these 11 inexpensive gift basket tips handy, Cheap Gift Baskets don’t have to.

1 – When it comes to cheap gift baskets size does not matter.  For the receiver of a gift it is about the thought.  The time you spend to get the perfect gift can be critical to your success – But imagine if you really believe you have the perfect thing in mind and the enthusiasm you receive isn’t all that  great.  If that happens then – believe it – you aren’t the only one disappointed.

Here is a great example – One woman shared with us that she had commented that she needed a new gas cap for her car.  For Valentine’s Day her husband got her a red gas cap for her car. It took her 20 years to laugh about that.

Giving an AFFORDABLE gift basket that doesn’t cost a fortune or look like a cheap gift basket means that you create a ‘look of abundance,’ a ‘feel of elegance,’ and, a ‘memory that will last for years to come.’ – NOT in the red gas cap kind of way, either!

2 –  Click here to shop for flowers or Plants.  Since a Flower Companies primary product is Fresh Flowers & Indoor Plants, you can usually find bargains and deals for cheap Gift Baskets with an International Online Flower Delivery Service.  Look for gift basket coupons and sales.

3 – If you build your own basket on a limited budget, fill the ‘holes’ with cheap fillers – colored tissue, small plants, hard candy, colored pencils and pens, key chains, picture frame or album already filled with a favorite or special gift basket photo, bulk food spices nicely labeled and placed look great! Cooks Love spices and great recipes!

4 – Don’t overdo the ‘working’ gift – Kitchen utensils are great if they come with a soft, fuzzy, new robe and comfy slippers – OR tickets to a favorite play, concert, or movie.  Never design a theme around a household chore – It just sucks to be reminded of chores when you are getting a gift.

5 – Because of the replacement value of tools and appliances, never get a cheap gift basket involving these items.  They cost too much to replace, but a good one that you spend a little extra money on will last for years – It may only seem expensive at first, but the cheap tool costs triple what the good tool does.

6 – Ladies never buy tools unless you have the SPECIFIC brand and model they want.  Nothing else is the same – Would you use a different brand moisturizer on your face because it was on the clearance table – neither would he.  If you insist on buying tools then you must promise to call their good friend and ask them first.  You must also read this guide on tool buying for womenClick here for the article.

7 – According to our male customers it is important for men to observe the rules below in buying cheap gift baskets – Men say they prefer the term, ‘affordable gift baskets’:

Things Guys Need To Know – (From a guy): 

Hint – This advice works for gals too (from a gal)!

  • If you haven’t rummaged through her trinkets and collectibles, do it.  It will help you determine her tastes.  Tastes change with the trends.
  • Her best friend is a great resource of information – Ask.  Don’t ask your same sex for gift ideas – Ask the same sex person you are buying the gift for.
  • Never, and I mean never ever, think you know what she wants.
  • Always, and I mean always, put aside more than three minutes building the gift baskets for her.
  • Put on some nice clothes and take a bath when you deliver the gift baskets for her.  You know the emergency room thing your mom told you about before you left the house – clean underwear and fresh breath and please smell pretty (but NOT from ten feet away).

One man shared with us that, “I knew of a man, and I won’t mention any names, who walked up to a female shopper and said, “You’re about the same height and weight as my gal…even your hair is the same color…what do YOU like?”  She answered him by asking, “How much money can I spend?”  The wrong answer was, “How much money can I spend”? His first question wasn’t supposed to lead to such a complicated and awkward conversation. Of course money was no object that day. So that’s how stupid we can get by thinking another woman will save us the humiliation of looking cheap. That was a day when all the women shoppers had expensive tastes.  But men quickly learn from the experience because the blows aren’t as severe the next time an occasion happens to surprise them, like Mothers Day Delivery Service.”  ~ Anonymous

8 – If you a gift in mind, to fill a cheap gift basket with, that you ,”ARE POSITIVE,” your gift recipient will, “JUST LOVE,” then take five minutes to call their best friend or a close family member and ask them.  You might be surprised at the answer, but you won’t be disappointed with taking the time to find out!

9 – Nothing compares to a child’s honesty.  Check with your children whether or not mommy or daddy ,’liked’ their last gift basket.  The really GREAT THING about kids and gift baskets is that they will tell you EVERYTHING.  If they don’t then you must bribe them – It is your duty!

10 – Take extra time to find an appropriate gift card and sign it with a special quote that means something to your relationship:

Example:  “You can widen your life by yourself, but to deepen it you need a friend.”

11 – Make sure your gift basket fits your gift – Not Over stuffed or Under stuffed – Re use an old gift basket, wrap a cardboard box in fancy wrap, and stalk your local thrift store for gift baskets too!

Gift baskets have gotten so complicated and diverse. There are gift baskets for every occasion, every person in the family and almost every job, promotion and chocolate pie you can think of.

As a matter of fact, there are over 1600 different gift baskets you can purchase but the most important one is the gift of time. Take my word for it. This will change how you think about baskets forever.