Gift Ideas That Cost Less

Tips & Advice For A DIY Gift Basket

Inexpensive, Cheap Gift Basket Ideas

Are you interested in looking for an inexpensive gift, and you want that personal touch that shows loved ones how much you really care?

Did you realize that you could find a gift basket cheaper than you can buy many presents? Plus, a thoughtful and cheap gift basket has a more personal touch than something quickly chosen and is doubly appreciated.

First thing to do is to write down the things you can think of that he or she likes. Personalize your gift basket. The people who really love you probably are not looking for expensive gifts, just a token of reassurance that you are thinking of them.


Gift Baskets Under $10

Gift Baskets $10 – $20

Gift Baskets $20 – $30

Gift Baskets $30 – $50

Gift Baskets $50 & Up

When you find an affordably priced ‘cheap’ gift basket, print your own special card on your computer, and ask that it be included in your gift basket.

Remember that if you find something for someone at a good price, but his or her birthday is still months away, go ahead and get it. You can always store it away (No Food Items Please-Yucky Stale) until it is delivery time, just have it delivered to yourself at your own address.

For Mom’s Who Scrapbook:

Gift baskets for mother’s day, for a mother who likes special coffee and/or tea and scrapbooking can include scrapbook supplies and flavored coffee and/or tea.  Send her some new photos of your children to go along with her thoughtful and sentimental (cheap) gift basket and have the pictures printed out so she can use them when she scrapbooks. You’ll have a basket your mother is sure to love!

Friends Birthday:

What about your friend’s birthday, but you do not have a lot of money to spend.  No worries! Click on the link up above to find a great gift basket for under $35. Most towns have a cheap gift baskets solutions online that include delivery that work well for a birthday basket.

Find a special quote about friendship and ask that it be included in your special message delivered with your memorable and affordable (cheap) gift basket.  For Example:  A single rose can be my garden, . . . a single friend, my world.” ~ Leo Buscaglia.  “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” ~ Euripides

Focus On A Theme – A Hobby – An Interest:

Focus on a favorite hobby for your husband’s considerate and attentive (cheap) gift basket. Does he like to go fishing? You can pick a cheap gift basket that includes some small fishing items included in his basket.

If you are the one who whines when he wants to go fishing then to make it extra special, design and print up your own, “Go Fishing Anytime” coupons. Or, if he asks you to go with him, but you never do, print up a, ““Take Me With You,” coupon and ask that it be added to your special gift basket message.

Find a gift basket with some of his favorite snacks and you will have found one of those truly special cheap gift baskets. You may also want to consider a “Lover’s Gift Basket.”

With a little planning and creativity, you can create a great cheap gift basket that will not force you to get a second job!  And, your gift recipient loves it, because it will be a one-of-a-kind cheap gift basket that shows how much you care . . . Without Hurting Your Wallet (Too Much)!