Love Letters

Love Letters – Write Your Own

How To Write Love Letters In 9 Easy Steps

According to Hallmark it’s as easy as following their love-letter writing tips by Keely Chace:
1 – Make The Receiver Feel It From The Start

The letter my great–aunt kept all those years began, My Darling Girl…

2 – Mention Why You’re Writing

It might be an occasion like Valentine’s Day, but I just felt like telling you…is also a good reason.

3 – Affirm Your Love Letter Receiver

What are his/her best qualities? What has he/she done lately that you’re grateful for?

4 – See The future

What are you looking forward to together? Seeing him/her tonight? Still loving him/her when he’s/she’s 64? (This confidence is especially meaningful during tough times together.)

5 – Finish Strong

How about: All my love, Forever yours, Tenderly, XOXO, Your loving wife…just to name a few.

6 – Special Delivery?

I like leaving love letters for my husband in places I know he’ll find them (pillow, car seat, but never his office – Keep romance private, etc.).
Maybe the best advice is just to relax.  Love letters are kept, so you must ‘also’ provide tissue!


1 – Edit, Proof, Spell and Grammar Check and then do a Re-Write.

love letters-editproofgrammarcheckrewrite-giftbasketidea-org

2 – Presentation is Everything!  Make sure you take the time to pick out your love letter stationery with the same care you take to write your letter.

3 – Don’t wait to begin – Keep an empty jar handy and jot down those special things you notice to keep in the jar. When the time comes, your Love letter will have . . Written itself! Call the jar your, “Jar of Appreciation.”