A Gift Of Time

Time – Your Time – Spent On Someone Else Besides Yourself

Give The Gift of Time

Holiday time, Family Time, Special Celebrations, They come every single year and you may fall prey to the gift buying frenzy encouraged by mainstream media and big corporations sucking as much cash out of the time-tested sentimental memory hooks as they possibly can during these, “rush periods” of harried gift buyers searching for the best “Thing,” they can find for their loved one, family member, or friend.

You can – literally – spend your life looking for that “Thing,” or you can make a much wiser choice this year.  Give your loved ones the the Gift of Time and presence.  It is priceless, can’t be returned, shows you care, proves your loyalty and impresses even the hardest to give gifts to.

Yes, you are on a site that encourages gift buying, that cannot be denied, but you are also on a site that promotes making memories any way you can for the simple fact that time is a memory that lasts a lifetime and when it comes to money well spent, the gift of time cannot be replaced.  For some this is a gift that is passed from generation to generation in retold memories.  And it will result in only one of two things – A smile or a frown.  But either one will make a memory for someone who will believe that it was better than the stuff piling up in their closet.


For example – A good and true friend who had lost her mother recently was sharing her story with us one day.  Here is her version of a Mothers Day opportunity missed and how it can happen just like this:

“It’s Mother’s Day today, and I can’t stop missing her for even a day.

“I beg your pardon!” It was something she said quite often when she knew we were being smarty pants and our punishment hinged on whether or not we were foolish enough to repeat what we had just done or said at that moment.  It took years later to discover how very right she really was . . . About, ‘MOST,’ things.  We didn’t always agree – In fact nearly every conversation had some disagreement included.  But no matter what she was feeling under any circumstances, she was there.  Laughter, tears, failure, success, she was there for ALL of it.  “Don’t come running to me when . . . . ,” was another favorite of mine when I just wanted an answer and she was dead set to let me figure it out on my own.    If ever there was ever an angel, it would be her.  And if ever her spirit were more present then let it be today. 

And there is that memory of my youth when I asked mom, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?”  She looked at me, smiled, took my face in her hands and answered my question by looking into my eyes and saying, “Your time.”  It’s a moment I wish so badly I could take back and repeat because my answer would be much different today than it was in my youth, “No,”  I insisted, “What can I GET you?!  Don’t you want Some  . . . THING!?!” to which she removed her hands from my face and looked at the floor, fighting back sentimental tears to say, “No.  I don’t want anything.  I don’t need anything.  I have you.”  There it is.  Frozen in time.  And if only I could take it back! 

You have time – Oh yes you do.  Take a few minutes, a morning, an afternoon, an evening, a day, or even longer, and give that to her.  You will find that when all you have left are memories, I promise you, your gift of time was better than any single THING you could have given her –  E V E R.”

“The years teach much which the days never know”

~ Ralph W. Emerson.