19 Kids Camping Prep DIY Projects

Camping With Kids

19 DIY Projects For Kids To Keep Them Entertained And Busy

These are DIY Crafts Kids love.  Not only can you use the help getting ready to go camping, but this will encourage them to get involved in nature, inspire creativity and encourage them to ask questions.

You are also teaching your children survival and life skills they can use later!

Please exercise caution in giving kids cutting tools for projects – Some are age appropriate for older kids.  Follow along using these pictures for explanation in how to make these.  The majority can be made from things lying around the house.  Make sure when you give up a household item for these Kids Camping DIY projects that it isn’t something you need to keep and use down the road.

  1. Plan A Treasure/Nature/Outdoor Hunt For them with these fun camping DIY Projects in mind:

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Kids LOVE Camping!