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Baby Shower Games Can Be Fun

baby shower

Some people love the whole Baby Shower style= thing. They go all in for the planning, the Baby Shower style= decorations and Baby Shower style= special cake and food and then some don’t.

My niece was having a baby awhile back and she and her husband traveled to see her new in-laws (“In loves as her husbands mother tells her).  She phoned me before they left to say, “I hope they don’t have a Baby Shower style= for me because I’ve had such a hard pregnancy that the games will make me sick and I’ll throw up, then get a migraine and I’ll just be a _itch once that happens, and I sure would hate to meet a room full of new relatives at a party they are throwing for me and our baby and have that happen. I just don’t want people to remember me that way, so I hope they don’t have a Baby Shower style= when we get there.

As it happened, a Baby shower was exactly what they had planned, but they gave her advance warning so she could help plan her Baby Shower style= and make it a success for everyone.

She did something completely different at her baby shower because of it.

She was taking a painting class for beginners at the time and got the party planners to agree to just have cake and punch and have everyone do a painting of the sea for their nursery. She got to sit and visit without being the center of attention and she could eat lightly because they were busy painting.  Her nausea was minimized and everyone had a wonderful time.

If it’s games you want then head over to a Google browser window, click on “Images,” and type in the words:  free printable baby shower games ideas.  There are literally hundreds of games you can print out and use to plan your Baby Shower style= with.

A surprise party is often a good idea, but be sure to check with a family member to make sure your new mommy won’t mind.  Look for less traditional ideas, or go for a theme idea, and ask for Baby Shower style= ideas from the people close to the expectant parent.

“People Who say they, ‘sleep like a baby,’ usually don’t have one”

~ Leo J. Burke