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Age Appropriate Gift Baskets

From Birth To College Age Gift Baskets

Everyone loves a great gift, but what about those tender ages when it’s not that easy to pick gift baskets for children. Starting from birth, we go through some incredible development phases.

Were You Thinking ‘Baby’: When You Are Gifting ‘Tweens’: They Aren’t, ‘Baby’ Any More:

Just what do you get for a 11- year old – the new ‘tween’ ?

Or how about a cousin who you see once in awhile, but not often, who is having a baby shower?

What about the neighbor who is having the birthday party?

And then there is the graduation gift for the nephew who you used to let mow your lawn.

If the gift were age appropriate that would be terrific, but what does age appropriate mean anymore? You haven’t been around a teenager since you were one yourself, and the last baby you held was that nephew who is graduating, and  . . . Who has birthday parties anymore,  . . . Anyway!

Tips to help with gift giving dilemmas of those youthful gift ages:
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Break Gifts Down By Age And Category

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Baby Gifts

1 – The Baby Shower gift for the cousin whose home you haven’t been in. Hmmm . . . this one is easier than it looks! Whoever is throwing the baby shower will have an idea and since babies really don’t care, you are getting a gift that ‘mom’ would like. Think of the mother and maybe you’d do well to create a gift basket for a mom and combine it with a baby gift. Themes can be catchy – like matching bathrobes and shower toys – special soap and a bath glove for mom to give baby a bath are winners!

Don’t leave out a New Big brother or New Big Sister!

2 – The 11 year old.  “Tweens” are probably the most challenging to find great gifts for, but you can still find something they will like if you snoop around. My favorite for this is to hang out in the young person section of the store and ask young people about that same age what they like. The answers are fun and spontaneous and their parents even want to get in on your game and help you find things to go into your gift baskets for children.  Gift Choices For Boys.  Gift Choices For Girls.

If you feel strange hanging out and talking to strangers then you can go to the parent of the child, a friend with same age kids, or even go online and type in the word 11-year-old gift and see what you come up with – Prices range from $1 and up. I found out that stickers and glitter are still popular this way and created an entire basket made up of all kinds of hair, face and nail items that was a real ‘hit’!

Popular and Faddish are what they like and these two things have always been in style ~ For Generations!

Birthday and Surprise Gifts

3 – So your neighbor is inviting the neighborhood to her child’s 8-year old birthday party. Do you even know the neighbor? If you do then you probably already have some ideas.

But if it’s for the boy who broke your window last summer then I suggest a basket for him of a catcher’s mitt full of candy. That ought to keep him busy and away from your window.

Think about wandering through the toy aisle and asking some questions, or if you have a mutual friend, call them too. The difference between eight-year-old’s, and eleven-year-old’s, is HUGE – it is miles apart – so please don’t even think about getting these age groups the same thing.

You can’t go wrong with a basket for a child of these ages of colored pens and pencils and crayons and coloring books and art supplies to fill it up with!

Graduation Or Special Achievement and Thank You Gifts

4 – It’s graduation and by now the tastes of the young have graduated too – As well as the costs of a gift for this age group.

If you know their size (and taste) in clothes, they always like clothes, but since this is someone who you actually had a relationship with while they were growing up, you might take this opportunity to say, “Thank You  AND  Congratulations!”

Boys and girls both like watches, you could pick a theme that has to do with responsibility and achievement.

Girls like to write in journals, coupled with a watch and engraved pen, this makes a great two-some gift basket and boys like music.

Since mowing the lawn is not high on the list of ‘fun’ you might pair an IPod with a watch. If you focus on fun, and thoughtful you should have a hit! They will know by your actions that you appreciated them and respect their achievement.

Identifying type of gift helps you stay focused in your Gift Baskets search. Happy hunting!