Fun Gift Baskets For Children

37 Fun Things To Do With Kids

Fun Kid Gift Basket Ideas To Build A Theme Around

Kids love to entertain themselves.  They will spend hours with  Fun and Creative Gift Basket Ideas to play with.

Keep Kids Busy and Entertained With Fun Ideas that will last them hours, Inspire their imaginations and help diminish boredom – Theirs not yours.  Just plain Fun Gifts and Ideas to keep kids busy.

37 Fun Things To Do With Kids!

Go on a hike
Go to a playground.
Play in the rain.
Go jogging.
Play freeze tag.
Play soccer.
Play kickball.
Play wiffleball.
Play nerf football.
Play basketball.
Ride bikes.
Garden together.
Compete in a three-legged or other race.
Create an obstacle course.
Have a pillow fight.
Fly kites style=
Play with squirt guns style=
Learn to juggle style=
Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.
Thumb-wrestle, play mercy, or have a tickle fight.
Go snorkeling.
Have a water balloon fight style=
Have a gun-fight with foam dart guns style=
Build stuff with Legos style=
Build a rocket from a kit style=
Create a treasure hunt, or scavenger hunt for kids (leaving clues around the house or yard).
Pitch a tent style= and sleep outside with marshmallows.
Visit family.
Build sandcastles style=
Have a sunset picnic at a park or beach.
Get up early, pack breakfast, have a sunrise breakfast.
Go to a public place, people watch, and make up imaginary stories about people.
Go for a walk and explore your neighborhood.
Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers.
Explore your yard and look for insects.
Take pictures of nature.
Make mud pies.