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Gift Baskets For Children Who Aren’t Babies, “Any More”

Gift Basket Ideas Kids Love

More than anything, we found that kids love to go do “stuff,” as long as it’s with you and sounds like fun they are ‘on it,’ and excited about it too! Enjoy this time with them now, because you will be replaced by peers and popular trends soon enough.

Kids love fun sayings that are easy to remember – Try saying a few of the ones listed above and see if they don’t remember them next time you get to see them!  Just remember the kids golden rule – (For when) they aren’t, “babies,” anymore! Once kids hit a certain age, and they will let you know, they are, “too old,” for these.  Adore the fun while they are still young enough!

19 “Stuff To Do Ideas” You’ll All Enjoy

  1. A fire station visit, museum visit, interactive museum visit, city tour . . .
  2. Grab a handful of leaves, some pine cones, and red berry branches and make Fall holiday decorations with those.
  3. Draw hand turkeys and color them.
  4. Make paper airplanes and race them.
  5. Head out for a minor league game – Pro sports tickets can be expensive but local minor league games are often free.
  6. Play four square.
  7. Play hop scotch.
  8. Color, draw, or paint together.  Design, create, and set a fun table
  9. Go to a healthy restaurant and get take-out then go for a walk to a nearby park.
  10. Contribute your time to a worthwhile cause – Volunteers are always welcome.
  11. Star gaze.
  12. Plant a garden, join a community garden then make hand-made garden plant markers.
  13. Plan a treasure hunt.
  14. Cook or bake something together.
  15. Put a costume or dress up box together and stage a play.
  16. Start a new hobby together.
  17. Play cards.
  18. Ride bikes.
  19. Have a movie day watching classic kids movies from a different era.

Time – It is what they want from you.  Gift baskets for children are perfect for making memories!