3 Gift Baskets Both Children and Parents Love

3 Gift Basket Tips to Keep Parents Happy

When Buying Gift Baskets For Kids!

No matter what, Gift Baskets For Children are the answer because we all have realized at some point or another that our kids aren’t as easy to buy for as we thought- especially as they go through different phases and age groups.

Gift Ideas to Help Keep Your Friends and Family Happy

1 – Babies like shiny, colorful and often noisy and you could probably agree with all of that, but would most likely leave out the noisy part.

Remember that when you are creating a gift basket for your relative or friends children. I used to think noisy was great, until I babysat my nephew and his parents sent him over to my house with all the noisy toys I ever got him. I found out years later that they put those, “special” gifts were put away and saved just for when he came to my house. I guess that made coming over to my house an even BIGGER treat (for him).  . . . Oh boy those are some great stories!

When you are ready to actually create special Gift Baskets for Children, keep these guidelines handy.

2 – Even if you are rushed at the last minute to grab just anything, try your best to find out about a child’s interests, hobbies, and special likes.

3 – Some gifts are really only pieces of a complete gift and require a main component to make them work.

Try to avoid those things if the person you are buying for doesn’t have the main part – like an iPod docking station,  . . . but the gift receiver doesn’t have an iPod.

Or, the most common thing to forget is a game that requires batteries,. . .  and there are no batteries to go with the gift, so that parents are left completing your gift. And that may be an unfair hardship on their pocketbooks if they weren’t planning for it.

When our nephew was 9-years-old, for his birthday and we bought him the Building toys that he loves, but we got the ones for 4-8 year-old’s. Jacob announced to the entire room of friends and family that he, “didn’t want that gift because it was for a ‘baby’ and he was NINE years old now, not a ‘baby’ ANY MORE!  We discovered that age appropriate is something to consider and watch closely on gift packages.

Why Do Kids AND Parents Love These Simple Gift Basics?

Children enjoy these gift baskets because they are entertained for hours, they are fun, and they usually teach children something educational. And to top it off it gives kids a gift that they can share with the adults they admire and want to spend time with too.

Sometimes the things that we often ignore the best gift ideas because they are so obvious.

For example, kids will play for hours using their imaginations and plastic figurines, or kitchen sets, or pretend kitchen appliances. Really, the list is endless, but if you take just a moment and put on your thinking cap, I’m sure you will be filling your wagon up with some truly great Gift Basket ideas!

Children are ultimately specific about what they like and want. If you step outside their guidelines they have few inhibitions about telling you what they think.

If they like it you will hear loud and happy exclamations of joy and if they don’t … well, you know what that sounds like, and truly don’t need reminding.