Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby Rules

When it comes to Bringing Home Your Newborn Baby – There Are No Rules



9 Things Your Newborn Baby Will Teach You:

  • Your newborn baby style= is beautiful, or at least he or she will be once their head recovers from the birthing process. Do not fret – It may just take a (very) little time.
  • Physical contact is essential those first few weeks and your reward will feel minimal. Concentrate on trying to get your rest whenever you can.  Just be glad they aren’t born teenagers and your newborn really needs you right now. I knew a mom who used to say, “If babies were born teenagers then humans would eat their young.”
  • An umbilical cord may bleed when it falls off – that’s normal, but try to be careful with bath time until it does by giving your newborn baby style= sponge baths.
  • Being afraid of the soft spot is-also-normal, it only feels scary because it may pulse from the blood vessels under the skin covering the brain.
  • Are you feeding your newborn enough? About every two hours is normal. You can also count diapers – about 6 diaper changes a day for #1 and about 2 diaper changes a day for #2. A newborn baby style= is especially good at letting you know if they are hungry. Just like a thermostat they will let you know one way or the other.
  • Dry baby skin is normal after hibernating in a fluid sac for 9 months. Other things you may be blessed with are diaper rashes, pink bumps and baby acne. Perhaps that is natures way of preparing you for a tween.
  • Always wash your hands before you touch baby – New siblings and everyone else who wants ‘baby holding rights’ needs to do the same.
  • Learn effective power napping because you’ll no sooner get your newborn to sleep then it feels like they are waking up again. Establish a schedule as soon as you can.
  • Get out once in awhile – you’ll need it!

“Sometimes the Smallest Things

Take Up The Most Room In your Heart”

~ Winnie The Pooh