Pet Gift Baskets

Pet Gift Baskets Rules And Tips For Kids

Gift Basket Considerations With Pets

When you are thinking about Gift Baskets For Children, you may be considering a pet gift basket. Children are probably some of the most enthusiastic pet lovers on this planet! All ages love to stop and pet a dog on the street when their tail is wagging, but a child will squeal in glee as they literally RACE to pet an animal. The animal, of course, is most often left to fend off the frenzied attack from a cowering position behind your legs.

Responsibility is a big step for a child so you may want to hold off on this gift baskets for children idea until your child is a little older and understands (ALL) the aspects of pet care.

The best place to start, if you think your child is an appropriate age to take care of a pet, is at your own local pet store to see what kinds of animals your child is interested in.

You may be thinking a cute dog and they may be thinking cute lizard – miles apart. You can also go visiting your friends homes who have pets and see how well your child bonds with different animals.

For reasons of simplicity, I’ll keep this article focused on dogs and cats. In any event you really need to see how your child gets along with any pet before you make that purchase. Your gift basket can still be a surprise if you plan it right.

Don’t Forget These 7  I M P O R T A N T  Things!

pets-giftbasketforchildrenIf you get either a dog or a cat, please help your child understand that there are a few basic rules they must respect in taking care of a pet. Too many pets are left abandoned outside for days with a choke chain and bowl of food because this wasn’t taken into consideration.

1 – Daily food and clean water – EVERY SINGLE DAY
2 – Daily exercise
3 – Regular vet checks and nail trimming and tooth brushing
4 – Daily potty breaks or potty training and regular emptying of litter boxes
5 – Pet Licenses
6 – What to do with your pet at vacation time
7 – Spay or neuter?

Some Pet Gift Basket Basics

Now that we have the basics covered, here is what you can do to help kids to Be prepared from food to training with a Pet Gift Basket for kids-For amphibians & reptiles, birds, cats, dogs, fish & aquatic pets, and small animals. Make pets & kids exciting winners!

For whatever pet you (they) choose, there will be the basic items that those pets need. These all fit great in a pet food or water dish (or aquarium).

Dogs like to play with balls – any kind will do!

Cats love things they can chase, like beams of light, feathers, string, simple things you can buy or make. Cats must have a litter box and scratching post and dogs need a bed to sleep in – preferably their own and beside your bed, not in it. Cats need a bed too, but they are less interested in one you buy than in the couch with the back side facing the afternoon sun. I know it sounds cruel, but you may consider your furniture in the purchase of a kitty and teach them to claw a special post instead of the side of the couch.

Training books are ideal when it comes to teaching your child how to train a pet. You may also look in your community for a group that teaches children how to train their pets. When we were little my brother won several awards in 4-H classes for training our dog. Other children’s groups may also have these types of pet training classes or give awards rewarding good pet behavior – like girl scouts or boy scouts.

Gift Baskets For Children-Let Them Pick The Name!

Let your child pick the name of their pet for their pet. Maybe a unique name like Evika (Which means life).  Get a special collar then hold off on having it engraved until this important task is done.

Whatever pet you end up with for your gift baskets for children, the experience will last a lifetime for both your child and you!

I’ve heard it said that, . . .

 “A dog teaches a child fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.”