The Kids Table

Themes and Ideas and Tips For the Kids Table

Over 131 Table Decorating Ideas For Kids of All Ages

1Whether it’s a baby Shower or an adult function we have found  125 + ideas for decorating kids tables that everyone will enjoy putting together.  Kids, especially, become over excited at holidays and gatherings, so giving them table setting and decorating chores is a great way to keep them occupied, help them settle down and give them control of a part of that holiday or celebration that requires more imagination than supervision.  You’ll be glad for the break and they will be glad and proud to sit at a table they decorated themselves.  Learning how to set and decorate a table is useful to all of us.

For best results getting kids to decorate the kids table, stick to these five (5) easy rules just to keep things manageable, reduce questions and give yourself less question answering time to prepare yourself.

Five Simple Rules For Decorating The Kids Table:

  1. Do you really need a tablecloth for the kids table or will a colorful runner or butcher paper they can decorate or draw on work?  Keep a few colorful tablecloth options on hand for kids just in case.  Best kid table choice for a table cloth is targeted to the theme of the holiday or celebration.  Oilcloth makes for great kids table tablecloth choices because of the ‘spillproof’ ease in cleaning them off.  If kids have a special character or show they love there are theme decorated tablecloths that they’ll love too.
  2. Napkins are best if they are colorful.  And, why not use the cloth ones at the kids table.  Kids love to learn how to do things properly.  If it’s new, it’s fun for them and if they only do it once in awhile, it’s also fun.
  3. Paper plates might be the best choice for the simple reason that kids drop things more readily and often than big kids or adults. Your good dishes may break or chip with smaller hands using them.  Paper plates can compliment hand-made napkin rings made with colorful paper and simple art supplies like stickers.
  4. Don’t be the boss – Let an older child supervise the creation of kids table.  Older kids want to be included too, but may not be old enough to join in with the adults yet, so they often feel left out.  Look at the pictures below for great ideas on Do It Yourself Tables For Kids.
  5. Gather a box or basket of things to make “stuff” with.  Colorful flowers, decorative straws in different colors and/or patterns, colored paper, art supplies to cut and glue and paint with, colored string to tie things, fabrics, bags, ribbon, felt, candles, specialty candies, skewers, marshmallows, plus many many more (ask kids for tips on what they want and like for supplies) . . . Have them go on a scavenger hunt for table decorations (use some pre-planning for this.) Read About Scavenger Hunts Here

When a table is decorated with kids in mind they seem to give that table magical powers and say that the food tastes ‘better.’  Eating at the kids table never tasted so good!