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Toobeez Review

Toobeez Toys-For Big Kids Too!

In this TOOBEEZ REVIEW you will find out that Toobeez Toys aren’t just for kids.

Toobeez are large tubes and spheres that lock together for custom playtime much like building forts when you were a kid, but without the phone books and heavy things that can fall on you if you pull on the blankets.

Toobeez are also designed for team building exercises, or team building play. You can buy Toobeez directly at over 500 stores across the country or you can get them online here. Go online for a store location near you.

The name, TOOBEEZ, actually describes how easy the product is to use for playing and working with – TOOB EEZ! TOOBEEZ are like GREAT BIG Tinker Toys that are used for play, work, or as therapeutic aids (Occupational Therapy, Recreational therapy and Senior therapy). There are no limits to the different structures and shapes that can be built – from forts to spaceships to underwater submarines.

Toobeez Toys For Play Time!

Toobeez Toys For A Kids Imagination!

Toobeez-Award Winning Toy!

In 2005, TOOBEEZ was chosen for the Teacher’s Choice Award from Learning Magazine and TOOBEEZ also received the Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award.

Toobeez Helps Kids Grow!

The Toobeez design serves to help children (and adults) with their reasoning and problem-solving skills. Building things from their imagination helps kids to develop their speech and language skills as well as increases their attention span and focus.

Toobeez Is Safe For Kids!

Since kids can’t climb on the toy once it is put together, they can’t get hurt from injuries from climbing. The pieces of the tubes and spheres are too large to swallow, so there is no choking hazard to worry about.

Toobeez For Team-Building!

As a teambuilding tool, Toobeez enhances communication, initiates cooperation and forces group members to come closer together in their understanding.

It’s a fun way to get a team thinking about taking the “I” out of team. They say that we hamper our learning skills as we grow into adulthood because we forget how to learn by playing.

Toobeez is the ideal solution for team building!

Team-Building Activities Explored

Toobeez – Testimonials:

Here is what actual people are saying about TOOBEEZ:

” . . . Toobeez EZ-Fort is much easier for kids to do themselves and they have more staying power.”
” . . . Everyone who has kids, nieces or nephews should buy this product!”
” . . . Great toy, keeps kids occupied for hours first by them building then by them playing with what they built. Very easy to use and sturdier than I thought it would be.”
” . . . Overall, a great product! (Also, a great learning tool. It really helps the kids learn how to plan and solve problems.).”
” . . . provides hours of entertainment and stores away easily when not in use.”
” . . . My only regret is I only bought ONE!”