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Tweens & Teens Gift Basket Ideas

Those in-between years that kids look forward to with such longing and you are left wishing you could keep them small . . .  “just a little bit longer . . .”

When you want an Age-Appropriate gift basket for teenagers, or a tween, or a young adult, these gift baskets and a some cool DIY gift basket ideas make popular gift choices for any teen.

If you’re really stuck for a great idea try throwing your teen or tween a party. Plan it together with the only goal in mind is to do something for them that they would enjoy and like.

You’re not spying, but you will get to meet their friends, strengthen your bond with them, show them that you can be ‘fun’ (You CAN BE Fun . . .  RIGHT!), show them that you do care, help them understand that throwing a party has responsibilities, and it will test your patience (In a good way) – This last one is one we learned at a party for our own 15-year-old!  You will both benefit from understanding each other better .  Celebrate so you Don’t miss out on the great moments of your tween or teens history – Trust that you’ll have Fun!


That awkward moment
when you’re at a
friend’s house, and their
parents start screaming
at them, & you’re just
like..That’s a nice wall.
~ Relatable Post #6034

According to a study published in the Journal Of Marriage And Family, tweens and teens were happiest when they were spending meaningful time with their parents doing something they both enjoyed – Teens defined “Quantity time” with parents as that time when parents are stressed, feeling guilty, anxious and running on very little sleep, but “Quality Time” was when they were developing their relationship with their parents and it was that time they wanted. For instance having dinner and conversations one on one, reading to them or with them, going for a hike, flying a kite together, playing with sidewalk chalk, . . .Quality time with kids (no matter how old they are) will ALWAYS be better than quantity time.