Winter Theme Gift Baskets For Children

Winter Gift Baskets Full of Fun!

A DIY Winter Gift Basket For Children Of ALL Ages!

What Is “IT” ?  . . . “IT”  is . . . Building A Snowman!


For Holiday Fun, Birthday Celebrations, Having Overnight Guests, Going on a Winter Holiday,  Snow Day Surprises, or do you need a special Hostess Gift For A Family With Kids!

Wintertime for most people means a snowy day, and since that usually coincides with holidays, that often means that the magical colors of the holiday are a great choice for your winter theme gift basket for children.

Shredded tissue makes the perfect starter piece.  Think about adding a snow globe that delights everyone when they shake it to see the snow delicately falling down around the globe!  These often carry the significance of a memory that is passed down for generations yet to come!

Everyone thinks of a hot cup of cocoa as a special treat in cold weather, but there are other things to think about in cold and snowy weather too!  For instance, not everybody wants to go outside.  Young children may have to stay inside.  For those younger ones, plan on one or two snow picture books.  Or perhaps you’d rather watch some movies – Snow movies are fun and entertaining!

Older Kids may want to stay inside too, but they might be more interested in baking cookies, so fill their winter theme gift basket with cookie cutters and dough!

But truly, one of the best things to do on a snowy day for both big kids and small – Nobody gets left out of this game! Is building a snowman, and for that you need Make A Snowman Kit Tools!

Make A Winter Snowman Tools – Materials:

  • EyesBig Basic Buttons make the best eyes!
  • Nose – (head to the grocery store for a carrot stick!)
  • Mouth – Most anything will do, but a few strategically placed big buttons along a smile line looks pretty neat!
  • Scarf – Colorful please!
  • HatThis could even be your Gift Basket!

For everything in your winter theme Build A Snowman basket for children you need one last,  . . . little thing, . . .

 . . . . Don’t Forget The Marshmallows!