French Gift Basket and Gift Ideas

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What Are French Gift Giving Rules?  To Know See Our 7 Tips

French Social Gift Giving Etiquette Rules:

  • In France gift giving is neither expected nor ritualistic. Traditional celebrations are for gift giving. For example: Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Christening style=, Hostess Gifts.
  • Appropriate and Traditional French gifts: Flowers, Perfume style=, Chocolates, Wine, and Liquors.
  • If you are not asked or invited to use the first name of someone-Do not use it.
  • Use titles for senior citizens, for example, “Sir,” and, “Madame.” if you do not know their name.
  • Always offer your hand both upon meeting and upon leaving.
  • Give your handshake a quick and light feel, never rough or excitedly pumping someone’s hand up and down.
  • When meeting socially touching both cheeks and kissing air is good – This is called, “Les bises.”
  • Never talk about your gift in terms of how much it cost or what you paid for it – whether a large or small amount does not matter. To the French, you are being ill-mannered, rude, and tacky.