6th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary #6

It’s your 6th Wedding Anniversary!

giftbasktidea-org-6thweddinganniversaryIf you are going Traditional, you’ll look for 6th Wedding Anniversary Ideas that are made of either candy, or iron – or a combination of both candy and iron.  If you are interested in a modern  Wedding Gift for a sixth Anniversary, then you may choose a gift made of wood.  You’ll be glad to know that jewelry could be involved – Amethyst to be exact.  Amethyst represents 6th Wedding Anniversary jewelry gifts beautifully!

Iron – hmmm, suggesting stability and strength, but this does not mean you should get your wife a new iron for your anniversary – Or you had better duck low just in case she throws it at you.  No irons for Anniversary gifts!  But, if you think your spouse may like a new putting iron then THAT would be  a GREAT IDEA!

Are you a romantic?!  Don’t forget the card – Or the Letter6th Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter Example

An Anniversary Letter to My True Love – Letter Example:

An Anniversary Letter to My True Love,

“Six years,” I say to myself, “Six years of marriage,” keeps running through my head as our Anniversary date fast approaches.

Eighteen years ago I met a man whom I never, honestly . . . NEVER, believed would come into my life.

And there you were, standing on my front porch step, asking me questions about the new door you were installing on the front of my house . I hadn’t even asked you into the house yet, because you took my breath away standing there with the morning sun shining behind you. I was so paralyzed by this recognition, and afraid you would notice me standing there, with my mouth open and my heart screaming, that you were the one I wanted in my life forever.

How was I going to manage holding a conversation these next 30 seconds with this man, with you, and without exposing my true feelings for you, that I absolutely knew were right.

That moment, frozen in time for my eternity will always resonate. The purity of that naked emotion. The magic of that single moment when my heart knew with absolute certainty that this man, right here in front of me, talking about a door for the front of my house, would be with me in heart and soul forevermore.

And after this time I have come to believe that it was another woman who answered that door eighteen years ago, because I have changed. I have fully realized that life is nothing without the wonder, the tears and the laughter of someone you love standing beside you.

This recognition has come to me in the form of both joy and pain. Nothing compares to the smile in my heart when I think of your hand in mine, your kiss on my lips. I can hear your spoken and your unspoken words loudly. I feel your presence as if you were a magnetic lightning bolt. You have taken my best plans and turned them into chaos and then taken that chaos and made it the best plan. The way you turn tears into laughter is magic. My day darkens if I feel you are hurting. What I yearn for is your happiness, but also my own happiness – You taught me that too. Thank you.

Thank you for six years of beauty and power. I love you completely. Six years feels like one day, but a lifetime feels like, “Not nearly enough!”

In a world that is constantly changing, you, my love, are my true North.

In love with you is where I am. Forevermore is where I will be.