9 Tips for A Great Gift Basket Idea

Do You Struggle For Great Gift Basket Ideas?

Are You Stuck With, ‘No Gift’ At The Last Minute?

You are not alone!

Even the best organized find themselves frantically racing for a gift once in awhile.

Imagine The comfort of your own chair, Now relax, and start shopping!

1. Relax: Stress only make for a hurried, half-hearted gift basket decision.

Even if you waited until the last minute you are better off to stop and take a deep breath before starting. It helps you get your mind off your day and motivate you for a better, more focused choice!

2. Who Is Your Gift For?

Ask, “What makes him or her happy?”

What special hobbies or interests will you want or need to take into consideration?

Have you noticed that they talked about something they needed or wanted recently?

3. If you are uncertain, go to the people who know the recipient best.

Those people are likely to have some unique gift basket idea suggestions. Great ideas come from all kinds of places! Friends and family members often enjoy giving you ideas for that perfect gift.  You’ll have to swear them to secrecy though!

4. Choose a gift basket idea that matches the occasion.

You don’t want to give a food processor on Valentine’s Day, as a matter of fact, you may not want to remind anyone that they have to use your gift for work on their special occasion.  It is better to err on the side of flowers than take this risk. A good gift basket idea is personal to say you are thinking only of them.

5. Know ahead of time how much you want to spend.

As you search for your gift basket idea, you can select gifts within that price range. Shop from home, on your time. You’ll find a wide range of choices and gift basket ideas to match a person’s interests.

6. When you decide to purchase a gift basket…

add a special note, or request that it be wrapped in an unusual way. Make yours fun!

7. Get Personal:

If you have time, a personalized gift basket idea tells the person that you thought ahead and took the time to find a special gift just for them. Personalized gifts make a great gift basket idea.

Sneaky Trick Tip:  Make your own card with something special written only for them and include it – Frugal Gift Basket Giving doesn’t always have to be a monogram.

8. If you really don’t know the person well…

or are going to someone’s home for the first time, then these gift basket ideas always a win-win — Traditional wine, food, candles, flowers, coffee or teas gift baskets.

9.  Need MORE help?

See These 5 Tips on putting together a Gift Basket with a theme.

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Hopefully  these tips will help make your next gift basket idea Perfect!  

GiftBasketIdea.Org Wishes You The Best!