Wedding Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas

Special Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversary Gift Basket

“I Love You to the Moon and Back!”

Wedding Anniversaries

Sweet Reminders of the union of two people who began their journey of life together.

A Wedding Anniversary reminds two people of their relationship commitment.

If a wedding anniversary is symbolic of many years of marriage, then an anniversary  can revitalize the love, loyalty and dedication of the couple to one other that was given formality on their marriage day.

Anniversaries are usually celebrated, with the couple holding center stage and surrounded by family and friends.  This Anniversary celebration is to renew and perhaps relive those wedding day story days (and also remember tales of jitters and, ‘what went wrong . . . that was so hilarious . . . but at that time . . . ‘) so it is, normally a celebration ceremony full of love and laughter.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Baskets include, but aren’t limited to:

Unique gift basket idea Tip:  Include (into their gift basket) the newspaper of the wedding day they were married on to remind them of the things going on in the world on the day they were married.  Check your local library or newspaper for an archive copy, or go online to request a newspaper copy with the wedding anniversary day/date/year (for instance: Birth Date Original Birthday Newspaper. Complete Original Unique – Don’t let the word, ‘Birthday’ fool you!)

Spoil the anniversary couple with a unique gift basket idea and give them a gift basket that includes:

  • Bed and Breakfast Vouchers:  See A Self-Made Coupon Example HERE
  • Event Tickets
  • Resort Tickets For Two

…  So that they can spend a few days away from their busy life.

If your gift basket delivery is local, then make a special request to the delivery service that in the gift basket idea preparation,   sentimental art-works (like pencil sketches of the couple, a favorite watercolor, or an oil painting) are included – All these are a superior emotional gift basket ideas.

You may also want to include wine bottles that carry the name of the couple and some message or, “Mr. and Mrs.” Chocolate shaped candies, and/or collections of, “happily ever after,” romantic movies.

This anniversary gift basket can be filled with:

If you send the couple on a travel vacation you may want to make your gift basket idea something that includes a cosmetic or handbag for the woman  and a mans travel bag.

Don’t forget there may be a child to consider, be sure to include their gift basket idea in your presentation to the couple too!

For Wedding Anniversary Gifts For All Years From 1 to 60