Cookie Gift Baskets & Have A Cookie Party

“C is for COOKIE.  That’s good enough for me!”  ~ Cookie Monster

Fun Cookie Party Idea Tip:

  • Organize a friends and family cooking day for the holidays. Everyone brings a favorite cookie recipe style=, their mixing bowls style=, cookie ingredients (everything they need according to their recipe), and sprinkles, and they spend the day making and baking cookies.
  • Old friends and family get a chance to visit, share recipes, and enjoy each others company.
  • If you have two ovens in your home then YOU are the perfect hostess for this, if not, then handmade cookie dough freezes great for people who can’t stay and wait to bake their cookies that day.
  • Serve coffee and/or tea to your guests and extra cookie leftovers can go to your local shelter or frozen and saved to bake later.
  • Make it a habit every year.