Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate Gift Giving-What’s Appropriate? What’s Not

Look Good, Be Remembered. Corporate gift giving made E-Z On You!

It is ALWAYS better to be more professional with gift giving at work than trying to be funny or playful. Appropriate gifts for work may mean your boss takes you seriously for that next promotion, or . . . Not.
Your boss is your boss at work. Although you may be friends after work too, they still need your respect in front of co-workers. Keep that in mind if you are presenting a gift publicly to your boss. R E S P E C T
Make a budget and don’t outspend the people in your office-Home made treats are appreciated. Do what you can afford – Really – Even if it is only a card.
Did you get engraved cards – Go ahead and sign your name anyway.
If you were given a gift-Say, “Thank you,” in writing – Not a text – Etiquette still exists on this one.