Gift Basket Idea Top 10 Romantic Music Picks

“I love you – Those three words have my life in them.”

~ by Alexandrea to Nicholas III ~


Romantic Music Gift Basket Idea – Sentimental Choices For Any Special Day

Wanna Get Lucky on Valentine’s Day?  Musical Seduction Rules!

Fabulously Romantic Music helps you set the mood for Valentine’s Day, A Special Celebration, Birthday, Anniversary, Honeymoon Night, or just a Night of Pleasure!

Based on reader surveys and comments, some late night research, plus half a bottle of wine, Gift Basket Idea chose these top ten sexy and romantic music picks:

1 – MOONDANCE BY Van Morrison 1970

In a survey of top music of all time, Moondance by Van Morrison was rated as one of the top of all time out of 467,633 albums/CD’s.


Since you are setting a mood, this is a great medley of Van Morrison hits that inspires romance in a way that won’t distract you from a lighthearted conversation about what color underwear you are wearing. The CD is loaded with several songs that have great instrumental and lyric content. Ivan Morrison Romantic Music

2 – IT’S NO SECRET ANYMORE BY Linda Eder – 1999

It’s No Secret Anymore

For something that really mixes it up with a throaty and sexy rendition of a few classics. Every one of these CD 14 selections from Eder’s, melted us and a few brought tears – “Even Now.”   Linda Eder-“It’s No Secret Anymore” An Upbeat, Fun, Fabulous Sexy Sleeper!

3 – SAX BY THE FIRE BY John Tesh – 1995

Sax By The Fire

So often this artist is overlooked because of his on-TV appearances that distract from his talent. Sax By The Fire is a beautiful mix of sax, piano and pleasant accompaniment that won’t leave you adjusting your volume and bass and treble to keep the mood romantic. Great dancing or background music for those special intimate moments. “I Will Always Love you,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” just a couple sweet nostalgia pieces to help even the most nervous suitor!

Gift Basket Idea has more than one John Tesh CD in their John Tesh Romantic Music collection!

4 – Best Of Nina Simone BY Nina Simone – 1986

Best of Nina Simone

Best of Nina Simone BY Nina Simone is truly an outstanding musical talent, nothing less than genius. She portrays a wide range of influence from many areas, primarily folk, gospel, jazz, classical, blues, European artist influences, musical theater, and R & B. Simone combines these elements to create her own unique work of art. Having at least ONE Nina Simone CD for your romantic music collection won’t guarantee that you’ll get Lucky, but you’ll get ‘luckier’ than you would without at Least ONE NINA SIMONE on your shelf!

5 – LOVE SONGS BY Etta James – 2001

Love Songs by Etta James

… “At Last, my lonely days are over. And Life is like A song,” sings Etta James. That’s just one of the 14 great romantic hits she belts out on her Love Songs by Etta JamesCD. If you’re thinking of getting down on one knee in public then you can’t be without this! Every Etta James song is a love – Absolutely fabulous! This six time Grammy Award winner, not to mention her numerous other lifetime and singing achievements, make this Etta James CD the kind of “Score,” that you won’t want to miss. Etta James is described by Mathew Cooke as, “simultaneously tender and deeply honest, and her ability to express the desperate joy that is the soul of love remains one of life’s marvelous pleasures.”


Midnight Love & the Sexual Healing Sessions

If you like sexual healing then you’ll love the 5 different versions you get with this Midnight Love & the Sexual Healing Sessions CD. Marvin Gaye mixes it up with s combination of sounds to make this one of the more upbeat and best romantic CD choices you can add to your romantic music collection. Turn this one up! Marvin Gaye plays some of the most sexy and relaxing music on this list!


I’m in the Mood For Love…The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time

From “You’re beautiful,” all the way to, “You raise me up,” this I’m in the Mood For Love…The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time Kenny G, CD is full of romantic renditions of old favorites. These songs will have you gliding right along to the music in each other’s arms. I couldn’t stop humming along and swaying in beat to the soft, sexy mixes of R&B, pop and Latin to the jazz that he is so famous for. You even get to hear the romantic melody of Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet. This is a definite, “YES” for our Kenny G Romantic Music Library!

8 – MICHAEL BUBLE BY Michael Bublé – 2003

Michael Buble

A bit on the melancholy side of romance, but his, “You Give Me Fever,” Gave me goose bumps! All of Michael Buble songs held a passionate, flurry of emotion giving his highs and lows a truly memorable and romantic sound. And if you like costumes, grab something that makes you want to, “Put your head on his shoulder,. . .” It is as if he performs each song as well as giving each song an endearing, haunting and mystical quality. Michael Bublé – JUST YUMMY! You’ll be looking for your dancing shoes before you get to the second verse!

9 – DUETS II BY Tony Bennett – 2011

Duets II

Tony Bennett AND Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Michael Bublé, k.d. Lang, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Queen Latifah, Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Natalie Cole, Andrea Bocelli, Faith Hill, Alejandro Sanz, Carrie Underwood, and Mariah Carey sing some of the most romantic duets around. Who would have thought that a voice as timeless as that of Tony Bennett on his Duets II CD would complement those pipes of the talents listed here. Bennett sounds just as fine as any Dom Pérignon Champagne. Be prepared to be swept off your feet with these romantic twosomes From Tony Bennett!


Burlesque – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Create an intensely fun and personal environment for the two of you with the selections from this hit production soundtrack, ” Burlesque – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” starring Cher and Christina. If you haven’t seen the movie – It’s an excellent date night video to catch in the comfort of your own bed. This is the kind of music that makes you want to put on your clean underwear – the sexy ones! Christina Aguilera singing her throaty lyrics just works better than Tequila sometimes! And, to Quote a fan, “There is a reason this woman is known world-wide by only one name” – CHER – Lots of opportunity to turn your special night into a romantic music night! Put this on your “Sexy Fun Romantic Music List.”

Don’t be afraid to Get Dressed Up!  

Just be ready to Hit “PLAY!”

No List or Collection of Romantic Music can possibly be complete – Ever.

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