Love Letter Stationery

With Love Letter Stationery

Presentation Is EVERYTHING!

“Sentiment Without Action Is The Ruin Of The Soul.”  

~ Edward Abbey

Love letters aren’t just for romantic partners. You can write one to anybody you care about – whether they be an intimate partner, your parent, or your child. Even friends love to get them. That – also – doesn’t mean that presentation is less important.

If you’re going to take the time to express special feelings or sentiments for someone special, then make it just as important to make it look ‘good.’

Make yours the best romantic movie ever made!  For tips on how to write a great love letter . . SEE HERE

Hint – If it’s too hard to write then you are making it that way.  Your words would come flowing and easy if you really mean what you are saying, so let your heart figure it out and let your handwritten message take it from there.

To make it simpler – It’s never simple (by the way) – You can ask timeless questions and instead of waiting for an answer, answer them yourself.  For example:

  1. What is to be gained if you *lend* your soul to another man, by writing love letters for him?
  2. What does one gain by covering one’s soul with another’s, to win a woman?
  3. What is left to seek in the world, when one discovers one’s only value in the world to be a fraud?

Let your story be a great love story.  Let suspense, mystery, and ideas charge your plot from start to finish.

What is a love letter, really what is it to you?  Write that down. Are you hoping to demonstrate a poignant exploration on the passing of time?  A grand adventure taken?  An appreciated favor or chore taken on by someone else on your behalf?  Write it down.  Are you sharing a memory?  Planning a special surprise and this love letter is designed as a treasure hunt of clues?

Do you want to express pain or regret or remorse for something you did that you hope to win a friendship back with?  Sincerity and honesty are called for at this moment then, and be quick about it too – spending too long on an insincere dialogue about how YOU are the victim only keeps you in the dog house.

Are you hoping your letter will be something that is saved – Yes it probably will be.  Think about what the person receiving this likes and tailor your choice of paper design to their tastes and not yours.  Would a ribbon or bow serve as a flattering embellishment. How about a special and memorable token that you have engraved, for example a guitar pick and stationery with music notes on it . . . or, something else musically designed.

If you feel uplifted and misty-eyed after reading your own letter – So will your love letter recipient.  Or are you hoping for a more action sparked reaction – as in naughty, but nice.  Start writing.  Use only the sweetest of words and keep profanity out of your letter.

How is your handwriting?  If it’s really bad, consider writing on a computer instead of handwriting.  Many choices of beautiful (readable) font are available, especially now!

Make your love letter the intro to a movie they will never forget, but make sure your presentation is as memorable as your words.  Are you a black and white cinematic or full color feature HD movie.  Movies are some of the best ways to get great lines for love letters that you could never come up with yourself – Try it!

So, you really want to make a special moment, a wonderful presentation, a memorable time for a loved one.  Prove it!