Romantic Getaway

Romantic Getaways For Couples

Pack Those Sexy Bags And Go!

~ “Shadows In The Sun” 2005 ~

Monologue between Weldon (Harvey Keitel), and Jeremy (Joshua Jackson):

Weldon: I want you to kiss my ass. I’m serious. I’m serious. I’m gonna drop my drawers in front of everybody here. If you’ll kiss my ass, I’ll sign your contract.

Jeremy: Hey, okay, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. NO!  NOT  OKAY!  NOT  OKAY  AT  ALL!

Weldon: Okay. You had your chance, Weldon grins mischievously.

Jeremy: (Looking down at floor) I wouldn’t call that much of a chance.

Weldon: (Smiling) All you had to do was use your imagination, pretend I was a beautiful (Waves hands in air to mimic a curvy posterior ). One tenth of a second, it would have been over, and you’d have what you wanted.

Jeremy: Okay, fine, I’ll do it Jeremy mumbles.

Weldon: Huh!  . . . Too Late, Weldon replies in a laughing tone.

Jeremy: What! Jeremy whispers anxiously.

Weldon: Too Late. Too Late. Life is about seizing the moment, explains Weldon calmly. You Just let this one slip by.

Weldon: I wish I could go back, for Time is a Precious Thing, Jeremy, And the Years Teach Much What The Days Never Knew.” (Quote Credit Ralph Waldo Emerson)

There is a Time For Risky Love.  There is A Time For Extravagant Gestures.  There is a time to pour out your affections for the One You Love.  

And When The Time Comes –

Seize It, Don’t Miss It!

~ Max Lucado