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Soap Extraordinaire Gives Customers Delightful Soaps And Lotions

A Product Review And Recommendation For, now an important part of our lives, began its journey into our home much like most people.

We were looking for greener alternatives to our soap, face scrubs, lip treatments and laundry detergents because of skin irritations.
We had been customers three years earlier, but that entire time we kept this soap displayed and out only for our company, or for special occasions. That is because it was so pretty and had such a natural and fresh smell, or no smell at all. Up until then our six bars had lasted three years. We moved recently and ran out of soap, so I grabbed our, “pretty company soap,” instead of going out for more gasoline/kerosene soap from the store.

As a result of using this soap, one week later I threw out our underarm deodorant.

Once I got to throw out the deodorant I did some research and found out a few things that really chapped my rear end.

Soap Facts that Bite:

  • Store bar soap is not even soap. It is a detergent.
  • Detergents are a petroleum based product, as in gasoline & kerosene.
  • If you have sensitive skin then you may have had the experience of your bar soap leaving you with skin that feels dry, itchy and tight.
  • Alkali, a common irritant in soap, is often the reason why.
  • Store bar soap has other proven harmful ingredients that can induce skin irritations. Some people even experience severe reactions.
  • Included in some store bought bar soap ingredient lists are: DEA, BHT, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Triclosan (a common anti-bacterial soap ingredient).
  • Sodium Tallowate is the most common ingredient in those conventional bar soaps. It is the natural product of combining tallow (or beef fat), with lye. This ingredient helps soap producers create a mass product both quickly and cheaply.

Handmade Soap Is The Best Choice: Stands For Soap Quality

Handmade soap does not contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in conventional bar soap.

Glycerin is one difference between handmade and store bought bar soaps.

What is Glycerin? It is a clear liquid that absorbs water from the air and is key to keeping skin soft, nourished, and healthy.
Glycerin soap is especially good for sensitive and delicate skin, and for children.
Glycerin is a high quality by-product in soap making. It is removed and sold as a by-product to be used in spendy products that include lotions and expensive skin creams.



Tony Lort and his wife, Dragana Skoro (Soaper Extraordinaire), became interested in developing healthy soap products when their younger son had a reaction to something they researched and narrowed down to a detergent they were using almost daily.

Dragana began using a method for making natural and non-toxic soaps, detergents, and skin cleaners and products, handed down from her grandmother, who was from a small town near Bosnia.

Dragana came to Canada from Bosnia two years after the war started in 1992. She tried to stay near family in Yugoslavia, but the war in Bosnia made it too difficult, so upon the insistence of her family, she left there.

In 1995 she was sitting in a Karaoke bar in Canada when Tony Lort walked up to the stage and sang a song. “He was singing and I was winking,” she laughs as she tells their story. And as we say, the rest . . . . is history. Their two boys (Charley and Milan) enjoy having mom at home growing her business and participating in their lives more than she could if she were working outside the home.

What began as an alternative and healthy option to skin sensitivities and allergic reactions for their immediate family, evolved into more and more home products until friends and family were asking Dragana for her products for their own homes. Hence, was designed and developed for the outside world.

Recipes from Grandma were improved upon and expanded to include other, various products.

“It took me four years to develop the products we sell now.” “We are in a constant state of development and improvement,” she says.

All products are 100% natural ingredients.

Your choices include but are not limited to: soap, bath salts, bath powders, bath foam, bath bombs, foot scrub and lotion, whipped sugar scrub for body and face, laundry soap, skin cream, lip balm, skin salve, cuticle oil, pedicure cream, both scented and unscented, making gorgeous presentations in DIY gift baskets that include invigorating all-natural ingredients to cleanse, smooth and enrich the skin.

I found products reasonably priced, and exceeding my expectations for value, quality and presentation.

Future Plans For

“The process involved with the government to list ingredients, weigh each one, list where the product is produced and comply with all requirements is labor intensive, so I plan to continue to develop our business so my husband, Tony, can stay home more with us. Compliance can be overwhelming at times and my learning curve is huge. Research takes time and learning what my customers like and want also takes time. I want it to be right so I gladly take the time to do it right. That is what is important to me. To us,” she emphasized.

“What about the future?” she asked me. ” I don’t want to be too big. I want to be me. I want you to get a product you love, that doesn’t hurt or harm you.  And I want to sit down with you, and have a glass of wine.”

Find them Here:  Soapscapes,com  and on Facebook:  SoapScapes