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National Maple Syrup Day

Breakfast Holiday Celebrated On December 17

The most commonly recognized date is dedicated to the appreciation of pure maple syrup.  Although we could find no information on its origins, we were able to discover that this breakfast holiday is designed to celebrate the maple-sugaring season and the approach of spring.

It is rumored that the December date was chosen because of the long storage properties of maple syrup and the fact that it was used by Native Indians for an extra burst of energy over the winter season, and an added flavor to enhance otherwise dull recipes.

Communities and farms that produce maple syrup have scattered the calendar with their own Maple Syrup Days –  More common dates are:  December 18, March 3, July 22 and July 23.

Quebec provides 90% of the Canadian production of maple syrup today (Over 5 million gallons).  Quebec also provides nearly 80% of the global maple syrup production.

Native Americans were the first to boil sap and harvest the maple tree for syrup.

Check the label – Make sure it says, “Maple Syrup,” because unless it says, “Maple Syrup,” it is not – That’s because pancake syrup isn’t real ‘maple’ syrup anymore.