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National French Toast Day

Breakfast Holiday celebrated On November 28

While this day of French toast recognition is now included on many of the food holiday calendars, its origins may have only a fleeting connection to breakfast dishes.

November 28th doesn’t seem to hold any historical significance to the creation or popularity of French toast. It is possible that the holiday stems from an old saying in the Eastern U.S. states. In anticipation of an impending snow storm (which coincides with a late November date). At this time of year, shoppers flocked to grocery stores to buy staples such as bread, milk, sugar, and eggs –  the exact ingredients to make French toast.  These winter preparation shopping days became known as,  “French toast,” days.

French toast recipes can be traced to Europe and date as far back as the 16th century.  In Europe, French bread is known as “pan perdu,” translated to mean, ‘lost bread.’   Lost bread is bread that can be used for a meal even though it may not be as fresh.  In England, this meal of stale bread was known as, ‘Poor Knight’s Pudding,’  for those hungry knights who could only afford an easy and  less expensive meal.