Yes, Breakfast Holidays Are Celebrated World-Wide

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Cinnamon Roll Day

Breakfast Holiday Celebrated On October 4

This holiday is reported to have been started in Sweden in 1999.

The staff at Hembakningsrådet (Sweden’s ‘Home Baking Council’) wanted a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Their intention was to honor and celebrate their fall season of baking with a favored and traditional Swedish pastry.  The smell of Cinnamon Roll breakfast gift baskets fill the air on that special day.

In the USA, the day is often called “Cinnamon Roll Day,” or “Sticky Buns Day,” as opposed to its original Swedish name, “kanelbullens dag,” (Cinnamon Bun Day).

Cinnamon roll sizes vary, but the largest ones are in Finland where they can be up to 20 cm diameter and 200 g (7.1 ounces).

World Egg Day

Breakfast Holiday Celebrated Every 2nd Friday In October

Created by the International Egg Commission (IEC), this egg holiday is designed to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs.  The International Egg Industry, along with the EIC joined together to foster a beneficial meaning of World Egg Day to people in countries from Vietnam to Mozambique and from Switzerland to Argentina.  Together they pledged to help feed people with a sustainable, top quality, and cost effective  product for people from countries all across the world.

World-wide events are scheduled on this day.

The first celebration of World Egg Day was 1996.

According to News about World Egg Day, Countries around the world celebrated the holiday.