Yes, Breakfast Holidays Are Celebrated World-Wide

Pick your Favorite Breakfast And Celebrate With Breakfast Holiday in September!

… What’s on YOUR Menu!



All American Breakfast Month (aka Better Breakfast Month)

An unofficial holiday period – Recognized by a number of school districts to promote the importance of students eating a healthy breakfast each and every day.

While we have no verifiable information about the origins of this breakfast holiday, it should be noted that eating a healthy breakfast has been scientifically proven to improve the academic performance of students . . . hence, a month dedicated to the morning meal is truly suited for the back-to-school September time frame.

2009 advertising campaigns marked the theme of Better Breakfast Month as, “Think Breakfast.”

Eating breakfast helps prevent the hunger pangs that often have us over eating when it’s time for lunch.  If you really want your kids to eat breakfast – Make it look “good”  .  .  .  to them – Kids who eat breakfast are not as likely to become overweight.  They get better grades because they have more energy and can concentrate better in school, plus their immune systems get a boost from the valuable breakfast nutrients they benefit from by eating breakfast every day.

And those are just the benefits to kids!  Adults also get the same benefits!  Plus the bonus of eating a meal with your family makes for healthier relationships, fewer misunderstandings, less conflict between family members, quality time and MORE!