Start a Tradition With A Christmas Breakfast Gift Basket!

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Five (5) reasons to  start a Traditional Christmas Family Breakfast:

1 – Already up and awake

You are probably up at the crack of dawn – especially kids and young children – anyway.  You can probably convince other family members easily to come for Breakfast if they have other obligations during the day to attend.

2 – More Affordable And Healthy 

If your budget is tight you can have one or the other and Christmas breakfast  is less expensive than a traditional Christmas dinner.  Turkey is optional with a breakfast meal, and you feed more people with less food.  Budget Tip:  Use Coupons style=

3 – S t r e t c h  Out your Day Comfortably

You have an entire day to relax and enjoy instead of an afternoon that leaves you feeling exhausted.  That means more family time – Time is the gift that is retold throughout generations.  Plus, there is normally less alcohol involved.

4 – Healthier is Happier

Eating breakfast is healthier, and can actually help you fight off those bad calories that are harder to burn if you are less active over Christmas.  If you eat earlier, you’ll be more active during the day – Another weight fighter bonus!

5 – The Pajama “Factor”

You begin your Christmas memory on a positive note!  You get to eat in your pajamas if you want to.  Can you imagine the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get with a nice breakfast to begin your day of holiday enjoyment?  If for no other reason, you’ll receive the gift of a Christmas memory that is retold for years to come.

Bonus Reason – You’ll get to try something new in the way of creating a Family Christmas Breakfast Tradition.

We are a family that loves to cook and eat.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are traditionally our dinner holiday, and we continue to stick with that tradition as a family.

However, for some excellent Christmas years when it seems like we were all present in one place at the same time and not rushing off for work or meetings or functions, we started a Christmas breakfast gift baskets family tradition.

We invited everyone over for a breakfast brunch and more of our family show up for that than for any other holiday.

We are a breakfast family first and foremost. All other meals are secondary. I am a lousy cook, but my husband is exceptional in the kitchen, so Christmas holiday breakfast Gift Baskets are My Thing!

Mom and grandma taught me through the years, when they were putting on events and functions at the drop of the hat for family and friends.

Thanks to Grandma (God Bless her), we still add sausage to our holiday stuffing.  It also goes great with Hollandaise sauce, poached, scrambled or fried eggs and ham or turkey too.

Bonus:  Add that to the fact that stuffing and breakfast sausage can be prepared for both Christmas breakfast AND dinner at the same time – Saving you time to spend with family enjoying your Breakfast Gift Baskets instead of cooking in the kitchen!

That Christmas, our family ate like there was no tomorrow.  Sadly, after Christmas breakfast Gift Baskets there are normally no leftovers  . . . Except the dishes.