Fathers Day – 11 Gift Ideas

Remembering Dad On Father’s Day!

Top Gift Ideas – 11 Gifts Dads Love!

Did you buy your special gift basket idea for the important man in your life?

Father’s Day is coming quick!  We deeply miss our dad. He was dad, hero, mentor and friend all rolled into one.

It has been 25 + years, and still not a day goes by that something happens – maybe a fleeting moment, a line from a movie or just one of those, “AHA, I get it,” moments when he drifts into my thoughts, and I am left with the sad realization that I can’t call him anymore to tell him about it.

But I also benefit from his memory because each time, although a sad reminder, the thought of one of the antics he was famous for also brings a smile to my face! And I can’t help myself because the memory makes me smile out loud and even laugh for no apparent reason once in awhile.

Father’s day is the time – an extra special day – to honor your memory of a father lost and to also celebrate and honor those father’s who still play important roles in our lives!

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These really are Gifts Dads Love!

For your Father’s Day gift for that special Gardening dad in your life, wrap his gift Green!

What’s dads favorite venue?   Find tickets to the top Broadway shows! and you can add them inside a new wallet you pick for Dad, Just make sure you have an extra ticket for yourself – so you can go too!

Choose exciting luggage for him to take on his next fab trip, either a gym bag, or any father will surely love a special sport, For your Hunting or Fishing Accessory for Dad check out a custom knife.

Gift Basket Idea has nearly any gift that is just perfect for your special dad gift.   

Our Eleven Top Picks For Father’s Day Gift Choices:

1.  A man’s wallet is an essential accessory. Men’s wallets style= have to carry their most important every day necessities – Cash, Credit Cards, and their Identification. Wallet Buying Tips:  When you choose a man’s wallet, think about: How they like to carry their wallet. Pay extra attention to – How durable the fabric is What features your dad or special man needs to know if it will be the best choice for him.   If you REALLY want to make your gift a special one – Have Dad’s new wallet Monogrammed with the initials of your dad! That extra touch can often make the difference between a watch that gets handed down through generations, or the watch that gets replaced. 

2.   Champagne Gift Baskets
3.  Is Dad trying to get fit – Exercise and Fitness Equipment make great gift baskets for the guy who bikes, hikes, camps, has a game room or just loves the great outdoors!
4.  For those of you who need flowers this year or special plant gift baskets
5.  Is your Dad A Bird Watcher! Bird Houses and Bird House accessories make perfect Outdoor Fathers Day gift Basket Idea!
6.  Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets Are ALWAYS appreciated!
7.  Je t’ aime says “I Love You,” Chocolate Gourmet Gift Baskets For Dad – Have yours Engraved!
8.  Fruit And Gourmet, Wine And Cheese, Gourmet Gift Basket Idea!
9.  Send Dad On his Way – Book a holiday with him or for him. Gift Basket!  Take The Family!  The memories and the gift of time will be re-told for generations!

10. Is your Dad a tool guy?  For Tools, Tips, and Advice – Woodwork Tools Gift Basket Ideas For Dad


11.  TIME – The most precious and forgotten gift of all.  Nothing rivals this, nothing replaces this and nothing makes up for this.  Give Dad your time.  Of all the things our dad wished for, a walk in the park was all he wanted.  

~ Recited by the character, Agnes, from the BBC special, “Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special,” as she lulled her grandson, Bobo, to sleep on Christmas Eve.  (See The Popular And Hilariously Funny Series of Mrs Browns Boys HERE style=).

. . . “I remember me fathers smile, in the glow of a bedside light. He’d tuck the blankets beneath me chin to settle me, for the night. And the stories daddy would tell to me, they had a magic now, so it seems. They all began once upon a time, in a land of fairytale dreams.
…there’d be a Princess that no man could resist. She’d turn the frog into a prince with just a kiss.
…and a knight in shining armor with a magic sword…Daddy would act it out word for word. And when it came to the part where the hero died, he’d cuddle me, while I cried. And he’d whisper in me ear, “don’t you worry dear, heroes never die”.
But the greatest hero in my life, he never slayed a dragon or left any troll dead. He was just a plain and simple man but each night, tucked me in me bed. You know, when I think of daddy and his love and his touch and how we all laughed, so much. And I don’t miss him you know, not a single bit
so why would I? Heroes never die.”

“Do not say you don’t have any time.  You have the exact number of hours per day that were given to Michelangelo, Helen Keller, Mother Theresa, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”  ~ H. Jackson Brown.

Don’t forget your Amazing Father on Father’s Day!

“Happy Fathers Day!” From Gift Basket Idea!