Gift Basket Idea Tips For Holiday Family Conflict

17 Tips For Family Holiday Conflict

Family Holiday Conflict – When, “Just Get Over It,” Isn’t An Option!


Family Conflict At Holiday Time – 17 Ways To Scream Stab Cope:

1 – Rotate Holidays

Share the love with every family member and rotate holiday hosting so you don’t get stuck with it every year.

2 – Be First To Volunteer For Story Teller

Volunteer to be the holiday story teller for the kids table and choose something you can laugh about – “How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Classic Seuss), . . . ” (for example)!

3 – Rotate Between Families

Rotate family too – With couples, go to Thanksgiving and December festivities on alternating years so you aren’t always spending one year of holidays at one family – For instance go to Thanksgiving with one side of the family and in that same year go to December holidays with the other side of the family – then switch the following year.

4 – Stay At Home

Stay home and be the holiday host yourself.

5 – Fight Fair

Learn how to bite your tongue and fight fair – you have one mouth and two ears.  Always use them in proportion in any argument.  Who really wins a fight anyway – Nobody.  But the honest fact remains, there still may be some conflict – Deal with it.

6 – Be Home Alone

Forget about the holidays – Skip them altogether and don’t go.  Sometimes there is such a thing as, “too much stress,” with a family member.

7 – Choose Friends Over Family

Celebrate with friends instead.  Sometimes friends ARE your family.

8 – Keep Away From Sensitive Topics

Stay away from topics of conversation that cause stress and that you know are sensitive issues or areas.

9 – You aren’t The Boss & You Can’t Change People

Accept the fact that you cannot change people.  They are who they are and you are not in control of that.  Now, move on.  Use bribery if you have to – take a special gift basket with you!

10 – 1. . . 2 . . . 3

Count to three before you respond and smile before you say one single thing.  Focus on how you respond to comments.  Do not verbally vomit all over people.

11 – Focus . . . On The Positive

Find the one thing about the person you have an issue with that you love (or like – How about appreciate!) about them and instead of thinking about their spike arm tattoo that you hate, think about how they do or did something that you liked, or that made you laugh – Changing your thoughts changes your response and that changes your relationship dynamics and gives you a chance to have a good (better, okay) time.

12 – 2 Ears, 1 Mouth – Use In Proportion

Be a better listener than you are a complainer – Yes, Y O U!

13 – Leave The Area

Walk away from the immediate area if you feel like you are drowning (Or are ready to stab somebody in the eye).  Politely is best – Really!

14 – Take Responsibility Like A Grown Up

Take self responsibility for the part you play to keep the conflict going.  Be Grown up enough to let it go and make amends for the sake of your own sanity.

15 – See The Humor

Use humor with skill and respect (minus sarcasm and ridicule) to turn conflict and tension into lighthearted fun and intimacy.  For example:  On Christmas day, immediately after opening gifts, the kids all sit on the couch texting friends on their phones and mom hates that, so she gathers up their phones before they open gifts and plays board games for one hour with them right after opening gifts.  She makes them guess how many text and phone calls they miss in that one hour and gives a brand new $5 bill to whoever comes closest – They Can’t Wait to give her their phones  . . . Now!

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.”

16 – Enlist A Professional

Get some help if you need it  – Either enlist the help of a good friend who listens well and has good advice, or get professional help.  Holding stress on the inside is only good for a stroke or a heart condition and add ulcers and nervous stomach to that too!

17 – Value . . . . Y  O  U

R E S P E C T   Yourself.


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