Hanukkah. .

Or is it CHanukah?

The proper spelling of a Hebrew word translated into English Chanukah gets tricky sometimes, especially when a variety of spelling choices are correct – Technically speaking. But if you aren’t in the Hebrew-scholar category, which do you pick?

The proper spelling of Hanukah really turns into a matter of preference and popular appeal. If you want to fit in with the crowd, opt for the Hanukkah spelling, now the most commonly used of these choices.

However, don’t forget Chanukah, the second most often used spelling and favored amongst traditionalists.

Just how did Hanukkah‘s spelling become so popular and oust Chanuka?

That’s because the ‘ch’ sound is so similar to the ‘H’ sound, making ‘Hanukkah’ a little easier for English speakers to understand the pronunciation. if you like to slightly buck the trend and go old school, Chanukah is your spelling.
So, With both correct, and about 14 others “technically” correct too, you’ve got a pretty good chance at the correct spelling.

“To you and your family, May this Hanukkah bring you the warmth of togetherness,. . .  the Love of dear ones, . . .  and joy in abundance . . . ..” 

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