St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day (Feast of St. Patrick,  Patrick’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Saint Paddy’s Day, and Lá Fheile Pádraig) Celebrations Are on March 17, to honor the Saint of Ireland, who died on that day 461 AD.

Symbols Historically Representing St. Patrick’s Day:

1 – Shamrock: Small, three-leaf plant (herb), that can be seen on the United Kingdom coat of arms, with the English rose, the Scottish Thistle.  
2 – Irish Flag: Green (Catholic), Orange ( Protestant), White (Harmony).
3 – Leprechauns: Working dusk to dawn these fairies mend the shoes of other fairies.
4 – Shillelagh (Shi-lay’-lee): Walking stick, but the actual Irish word stands for a stout club of oak, or cudgel; also known as a forest name that once stood in Wicklow Country.

Patrick – Both Saint & Legend:
387 AD – Originally named Maewin, he was born in Britain, to a Roman family and his father toiled as a magistrate.
Early 400’s AD – After being taken as a slave in Ireland, he escaped to France where he studied the priesthood.
432 AD – Named Patricius (Meaning Noble), by Pope Celestine I, he was sent to Ireland as a Christian missionary, where he introduced the Roman alphabet, Latin literature, and Christianized the land.

Most Familiar Legend: He beat a drum to drive the snakes from Ireland.

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