On Losing A Loved One:

Sometimes it is not what is in front of us, . . . but what we hear that means the most.

I can still hear mom singing softly, dad playing the guitar, one grandma canning fruits and vegetables for the pantry and the glass jars going into the boiling water on the stove, one other grandma sewing a patch on something and the noise of the needle going through the fabric and being tugged out again on the other side of the patch she was sewing, or walking through the house and both grandpas laughing at how brave and smart they are with expressions of glee on their faces.

It was not only the rarity of those moments, yes it was also the sights that went along with them, but it was the smells and the noises they made in my life that remain the most memorable.

Those are the precious things, the priceless things, the things I truly loved and will miss for the rest of my life. With these fond memories never fading or dying, I will hold the things close to me that are dear and feel gratitude for them.

Because those are the things that cannot be seen, but are what give me comfort, when I feel there is none around.

Sometimes to see you just need to stop and listen for only a moment to feel blessed.

In Deepest Sympathy For Your Loss.  May you find comfort in your memories.