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AND . . .Who hasn’t had a stubborn cork! If you are trying to get a cork out of a bottle that just will not cooperate then you may consider putting the bottle neck in hot water for ten seconds. When the glass expands your cork becomes easier to remove. Keep in mind that heat changes the flavour of wine-SO no more than ten seconds ONLY and only the bottle neck!  

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Red wine headache ? 

It may be the histamine in the wine instead of an allergy to red wine. Red wine has a higher concentration of histamines than white wine does. Red wine contains 20- to 200-fold more histamine than white wine. Histamine-induced headache is a vascular headache, and nitric oxide probably plays a role in its causation. If you know this is an issue for you, then you can reduce the headache impact on you by taking an anti-histamine before you drink the red wine.

Red . . . Or White?  

Flavour and taste are completely dependent on the person, but in our experience, the meals that use foods that are cooked by grilling, roasting, broiling and baking are best cooked and served with oaked wines.

Meals that are steamed, poached, braised, or cooked in clear liquids work best with white wine or a red with a more subtle oak taste. Again, I would emphasize to not become dependent on recipes and to explore your tastes.

Don’t go cheap if you don’t like the essence of cheap in your food, because although the alcohol is cooked away, the essence of the flavor of your wine choice stays.

Red Wine Spills – Get Them OUT!

If you have a light colored carpet and . . . oops . . . you spill your red wine on it then grab a bottle of white wine and pour it over the top of the red wine stain. The white against the red takes the red out. A professional carpet cleaner gave us that advice and it works! It has to do with the acid content, which is why citrus based removers work. Also, a mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar works too – but watch out that you don’t only dab the stain so that the vinegar odor does not linger.

Chill OUT!

If you want your wine to chill faster, the freezer is not the place to store it. Try adding 1/4-1/3 cup salt to the ice bucket. You’ll find that the cooling process speeds up by about FIFTY percent faster than water from your faucet.

Wine & Champagne Fridge Storage

Two to three weeks is almost too long to store a bottle of wine in the refrigerator. After that period of time, it can begin to lose the flavor that makes it your favorite wine. For champagne and sparkling wine, the time from opening to serving goes down to 24 hours, or overnight. After 24 hours the bubbles go away – The ‘fun’ is gone!

What ELSE Goes In Wine Gift Baskets?!

If you are sending a wine gift basket, include specialty foods, or wine related accessories like wine stoppers and corkscrews, crystal ice buckets, tongs, wine totes and bags, crystal wine and champagne glasses, as well as a plethora of wine-related ideas available to you online!