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Barbecue Gift Basket Ideas And 5 Tips On Cleaning Your BBQ

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5 Tips For Cleaning The Barbie:

Time to fire up the grills for your barbecue!  Before you start, though, read these five easy steps to ensure your barbecue is spotless and ready to take on grilling season.

1 ~ Heat up your Barbecue ~
Preheat the barbecue grates for a minimum of ten minutes.  This super heat will burn off leftover food and oil.

2 ~ Scrub it down ~
Scrub the barbecue grates with a stainless steel coil brush or tin foil, to remove any leftover food and oil. Take your time – No regrets!

3 ~ Oil your barbecue grill ~
To oil your grill, just dab a paper towel in some oil and rub it on the grill by using tongs. A semi-permanent protective coating is created with the baked on oil.

4 ~ Dump ashes or residue ~
Barbecue ashes can collect moisture, resulting in rust and stench.

5 ~ Wipe your barbecue down periodically~
With time your barbecue exterior can build up grease. To clean it simply mix a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water and clean the entire outside of your barbecue. Best method – Get a year-round, weather-proof cover to keep your barbecue protected.

Never store a dirty outdoor barbecue for it’s next season premier!