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Travel Responsibly.  Leave Nature Untouched With Human Waste-Pack It Out

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 . . . You travel.  For Travel Tips and Hints See Below ↓ and See Side →

“Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.” ~ Blaise Pascal

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Keep your Money Safe When You Travel  ↓

9 Money Safe Travel Tips:  

  1. Travel Deals can be costly if you aren’t paying attention to who you are dealing with – If you are looking for a travel bargain use reputable sites or professional travel agents FIRST, instead of believing any false claims from scammers about any travel savings!
  2. No need to take an entire wallet of cash and credit cards and ID – Minimum wallets are much better. Leave your extra information at home. Recommended for best travel is two credit cards (Just in case one gets close to any budget or credit restrictions while traveling you don’t want to ‘get stuck’ without any cash or credit options). One piece of ID (in addition to your passport, like a driver license), and one debit card, and a small amount of cash. Everything else can stay home.
  3. As “unnecessary” as it may seem, travel insurance is a great deal. Cost is minimal and in the event of a travel disaster it can be your ‘safe harbor,’ just in case you experience any, ‘calamity,’ while you are traveling. Not having travel insurance and needing it makes it a priceless commodity no one can afford. Be sure to read the fine print on any travel insurance policy so you know-in no uncertain terms-what it covers and what it does not cover.
  4. Make copies of any travel documents you are carrying with you – Passport, driver license, credit card (front and back so if you need the 800 number to phone in the loss of a credit card you can get it immediately!). Leave this copied travel document information with a trusted family member or friend who will keep it in a safe place and have immediate access to it if you have an emergency.
  5. Credit cards can be blocked so easy once any ‘out of the ordinary’ transactions begin to appear. Even though you don’t need to phone your credit card holder anymore, it’s still a good idea to do it anyway to let them know you are going to be out of the country in case they block you for transactions you made yourself. * I did not do this once, and while checking out of my hotel in Mexico and paying my bill they blocked my hotel accommodation expenses and it became a several hour ordeal to get it ‘unblocked,’ in time to still catch my plane home! Big, avoidable mess that one!
  6. If you bring a second credit card with you do not carry it on you. Keep your second credit card only for safety in case your main card is lost or stolen. The hotel safe is a secure bet for that.
  7. Your bank can help you identify Bank ATM machines wherever you are traveling. Your credit card company can help you also – They will know which ones are ‘more safe’ in whatever location you are going to be in, and which machines ‘partner’ with your bank ATM. They will – also- know where less safe machines are located. Avoid any individual ATM, because they often are less secure and charge a higher rate for any credit card withdrawals. ALWAYS Block your PIN number anywhere you go – Especially when you are home. Protecting your PIN is a great idea no matter what you are doing, or where you are!
  8. Local SCAMS are easy to spot – IF you know what you are looking for! Fortunately our internet system has made these easier to identify by looking up “Local SCAMS in Name of place you’re travelling to.” Being aware of your surroundings is the first step in SCAM prevention, carrying few (if any) valuables in the way of cash, credit, and jewelry is the second step.
  9. This goes without saying, but do keep valuables close to you – Every second – And, especially if you use any form of public transportation – Check for your wallet before exiting any taxi, hold onto your travel bags on any public transportation system, or keep them close – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

It’s been said that, “If identity theft was legal it would be a Fortune 500 Company.”

Don’t be a victim when you are traveling.

While experience can be a naughty, nasty memory,  PREPARATION is your, “Pound of Cure!”