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Before You Buy Know Your Golfer-Buying Tips For Your Golf Lover

Golf LuggageExtremely personal, and unique to each individual.  For Golf Travelers, Bags are essential so their clubs stay safe from baggage check to destiny, and back home again.

Before you buy, know your golfer well.  For instance, What Do They Like?

For You To Know:

  • Dividers – And How Many
  • Pockets – And How Many
  • Separate Putter Well -Or Not
  • Straps And Handles – What Kind Work Best For Them (Strap/Handle Positions)
  • Rain Hood – Or Not
  • Towel Loop/Towel Ring
  • Umbrella Holder – Or Not

Other “Extra” Considerations:  

  • Beverage Sleeve or Beverage Holder – Or Not
  • Apparel Pocket – Or Not
  • Valuables Pocket – Or Not