Big 5 Travel Adventures

What You Need To Know About Fitness Before Your Adventure Begins

Get Ready For Big 5 Travel Adventures

giftbasketidea-Johnny#1 Way To Have More Fun – Go with Professionals who know the area, the game, the seasons, the climate, the gear to use for best results and the best places!

What You’ll Get If You Go On Outdoor Adventures With Professionals:

  • Great service
    Access to Professionals with a hunting & fishing knowledge base
    Tips on getting prepared for your adventure
    Information on Physical and mental requirements of the trip
    Dealing with your personal guide and operator
    Advice on gratuities
    Other details that are often forgotten
    Specialized gear lists for each adventure
    Equipment Advice from People who use the gear, equipment & tools they recommend
    In-house full-service travel agency that handles all your hunting & fishing arrangements
    Special needs Travel assistance such as traveling with firearms, dealing with trophies, freezer services, etc. . .

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Physical Requirement Levels – Outdoor Adventures:Although not required, these are only designed as guidelines for Outdoor Travel Adventures

Physical Requirement Level 1: Outdoor Adventures

  • These hunts are mostly farm or ranch hunts from stands or blinds. Includes substantial use of 4×4 pickups and/or ATV’s.

Physical Requirement Level 2: Outdoor Adventures

  • These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches; species include mule deer, elk, antelope; additionally, some caribou and African plains game hunts and moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Physical Requirement Level 3: Outdoor Adventures

  • These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback while hunting species such as elk, moose, bear; also, some mountain lion and African cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking involved each day.

Physical Requirement Level 4: Outdoor Adventures

  • Includes all sheep hunts, goat, most grizzly and brown bear, some mountain lion and elephant. Either the terrain and/or animals can involve some dangerous situations. These hunts will require extreme physical endurance and some athletic ability.