Outdoor People

Outdoor People – You know at least one  . . . .Or Two.  

Maybe it’s you, maybe not.  But you do know at least one person who thinks that it is, “Outdoor O’Clock” time  A . .  L . .  L  Day Long.  

They get dirty, they would rather go for a hike than take a shower, their soul mate can survive a night outside if they have to.  

They can’t decide if you’re manic, because you can’t see why wearing hiking boots to the opera doesn’t make sense. They see flowers when you see rain.  

Awesomeness to them is an outdoor premier, and when they have nothing to do they still believe that life is better at the beach.  

They hold authenticity, friendship, integrity, and creativity as core values, and “an office” to them . . . . . Well . . . . It’s the one with the sticky on the computer that says, “If you are reading this, you are not outside.  Go Outside.”

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